Finished Fishies and a Side Project


Good Morning, Quilters!

I was able to remove a UFO from my list–The Fishy Quilt is complete–binding and all.  I bet you can guess the inspiration for this quilt! 

It was quick and easy to appliqué (My preferred method is needle turn, hand appliqué) –then I splashed on a few fun threads.

I stitched Pearls in the sashing

Then I added Scallops,


FMQ, Lori Kennedy

and Fish,

FMQ, Lori Kennedy


FMQ, Lori Kennedy

And when I was finished, I didn’t want to stop…do you ever feel that way?  You just get on a roll….

So I picked up an old tutorial (The Tomato Pin Cushion)  and started filling in a few details…

More to fill in…. but a certain teenager home from football wanted dinner…

FMQ, Lori Kennedy


BERNINA asked me to add a short video to The Jack-o-Lantern tutorial on their blog, We All Sew.…so I propped up my cell phone and stitched Jack again–

The video is on  BERNINA We All Sew Facebook Page HERE–and is doing extremely well…

It’s kind of mesmerizing.

I think Jack O. has a spell on me…

Jack-o-Lantern, Pumpkin, Machine Quilting, FMQ

He wants me to stitch a girl friend for him…

Not sure it’s wise?

Lori O’L

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24 thoughts on “Finished Fishies and a Side Project

    • yes…agree and some “grand” punkins too…and Rover/Fluffy too… like those decals of the whole family you see in back window of station wagon windows. Our family likes lap quilts to use on the front porch in cold weather and the fishies are good for those.

  1. Your FMQ tutorials are so helpful…would you consider putting together a little tute about needle turn appliqué for those of us eager to try, but still a wee bit intimidated?

    • Yes!! I’ve been thinking about it for awhile. The goldfish are a good pattern to learn applique.

  2. I love your Jack-o-lantern, Lori! What a timely posting! I will be using it on a little wall hanging that I hope to finish in the next few days! I love your fishy quilt, too. I always learn so much from you! Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  3. I think eyelashes, and a “come hither look” would be all Jill would need ?
    Love love love what you’ve done with the fishy quilt, especially the swirling eddies in the water around them. The variegated thread adds extra dimension and mystery … the mystery being where the heck did you start, and where the heck did you end??

  4. Please…. give the fishies eyes.

    Oh, you know pumpkins don’t grow in singles. A whole patch full…waiting for the Great Pumpkin.

  5. Very cute Lori, you are such an inspiration.
    I am with my momma right now, and going through your past postings (bc I have been kind of busy the past couple of years) My daddy is with me too. Momma is going to Heaven, perhaps today, maybe tomorrow. It is up to our Father God

  6. Today I quilted the most perfect feathers I ever quilted. Thank you for the tutorial. Dolores Good

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