5 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Hmmm. very pleasant picture.. I wonder whether she is sewing a button on a shirt for him to wear today..I see suspenders on the chair..Maybe it is a dress for herself. The pattern in the fabric is similar to some in another of his paintings. I also wonder whether he was a fan of Dutch artists…posing ladies in a room with light coming in from the left side. Very interesting, I would love to know more about him and his repertoire. Background is somewhat mysterious.

  2. . Sewing in the solitude of her room . Just enjoying her sewing and the sun’s rays shining on her. It looks like she’s mending a quilt.
    I like this painting and enjoyed reading a little more about the artist.

  3. I was also thinking it looks like a quilt she’s working on, although not much actual quilting is showing. Perhaps it’s a duvet cover. Europeans have used duvets a lot longer than North Americans, but I’m not sure if the concept goes back this far. Blue and yellow is always a wonderful combination.

  4. Anybody else notice the screen behind Peggy in the painting “Peggy Reading to Elizabeth”? Looks like the same colors/design as in what she is stitching to me.

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