Quick and Easy Grid Variations-FMQ Tutorial

FMQ, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

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Today’s tutorial is a combination of several tutorials.  By combining the X Marks the Spot grid motif with another motif, you can create a wide variety of easy quilting for any block or quilt size.

In X Marks the Spot Tutorial, we drew a one inch grid…

Grid Play-Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Grid Play-Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Then we filled in ever one inch block with an X – by stitching triangles into the center of each square.

Lori Kennedy, Machine Quilting, Tutorial, X

In this motif, the X is larger–2″ by 2″.

This allows extra room to add another motif.

First stitch all of the Xs on the grid…(not shown here).

Once that is complete, go back and add another motif t0 every other row.

FMQ, Lori Kennedy

Motifs like The Snowflake


The Snowflake Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

The Spooky Spider

six legged spider, FMQ

or The Daisy Chain…work well.

Daisy Chain, Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

A Spiral would also work well….


FMQ, Lori Kennedy

This would fill any quilt very quickly and it’s WAY EASIER than it looks!  (We all love that!)

Give this motif a try on your next quilt–and as always,



Fare-the-well, Fare-the-well,

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8 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Grid Variations-FMQ Tutorial

  1. Your grid, so easy to stitch, was one of my favorite border. Adding one of your motives, what a great idea : I do love it !
    I hope you’re not bored with my comments. I am truly enthusiastic with your suggestions and I can’t help telling you. Marie

  2. I love your grid tutorials. Last fall was when I really got in to the mini-quilts for autumn and loved the pumpkins, leaves, fences, etc. I’m ready for another round this year, my sandwiches are prepared! Thank you for inspiring.

  3. Hello, love you as always, I gathered spme falling ginkgo leaves to press for quilting patterns. have you made these yet? In your archives? I will look!!!Great days ahead!!! I will doodle!! Lois in Omaha

  4. Which other tutorials use that stencil. Can’t recall it from your website. Thanks. You gave a stencil # but didn’t see it on their site.

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