Cats and Quilt Show

Pamela's Kitty, Duncan, Nutley, NJ

Pamela’s Kitty, Duncan,
Nutley, NJ

Good Morning, Quilters and Cat-Lovers!

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Thank you so much for sending in photos of your sewing room companions.

They are all adorable!

Some of the cats look like they know how to sew…others look like they don’t approve of our color choices and still others look like they should be kept away from the scissors!

One of the kitties actually writes a Quilting Column for a magazine–(See if you can guess which one!)

Lorna's Cat, Igor Golden, BC

Lorna’s Cat, Igor
Golden, BC


Sally’s Cat


Nancy’s Kitty, Pumpkin



Nancy’s Kitty, Pumpkin

Marie's Momma Kitty, Ringgold, Texas

Marie’s Momma Kitty, Ringgold, Texas


Marie's Momma Kitty and Corky, Ringgold, Texas

Marie’s Momma Kitty and Corky, Ringgold, Texas “Does He have to be here?, I was here first!”

Julia's Cat, Marley Westminster, Maryland

Julia’s Cat, Marley
Westminster, Maryland

Suzy's Cat, Max

Suzy’s Cat, Max (He was 16 years old in this photo and disappeared shortly after this portrait.)

Max and Cindy's Cat, and Sewing Supervisor, Blanchie Green Bay, Wisconsin

Max and Cindy’s Cat, and Sewing Supervisor, Blanchie
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Max and Cindy's Cat, and Sewing Supervisor, Blanchie Green Bay, Wisconsin

Max and Cindy’s Cat, and Sewing Supervisor, Blanchie
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Joanne's Cat, Elliot

Joanne’s Cat, Elliot

Judy's Cat, Kitty Bitty

Judy’s Cat, Kitty Bitty–Loves the cutting process!

Maureen's Kittys, Rosie and Lavender

Maureen’s Kittys, Rosie and Lavender Both “playing with the endless yarn ball in the sky” now.

Yvonne's Kitty

Yvonne’s Kitty

Diana's Cat, Worf

Diana’s Cat, Worf—We’ve all had quilting days like this, Worf–it will pass!

Diana's Cat, Worf

Diana’s Cat, Worf

Mary's Cat, PE Florida PE does a good job mugging for the camera!

Mary’s Cat, PE
PE does a good job mugging for the camera!


Check out Brannie’s quilting column in the Online Quilt Magazine HERE.  The basic subscription is free!

Annette's Cat, Brannie Australia

Annette’s Cat, Brannie

Annette's Burmese Cat, Brannie Australia

Annette’s Burmese Cat, Brannie

“You can teach a cat anything….

that it wants to do.”

Happy Quilting, Kitties!


PS…Dogs and Quilts coming soon!

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19 thoughts on “Cats and Quilt Show

  1. Worf TOTALLY exhausted from watching all the work that goes into quilting and Brannie swim/sleeping with the seals. Hahaha to ALL the photos. They are SO inquisitive and, of course, would rather we be spending time patting and attending to THEIR every need.

    Tavette – S. Fla..

  2. Worf has actually taken to chasing the other cats off if they sit on the quilt I’m currently working on. But he leaves them alone if they sit on one I’m not working on. It’s so funny!!!

  3. I always tell my friends that my quilts have been cat scanned. Love the picture of the cat on the lap of the man watching TV. When I put a quilt on my lap in the evening, I have one cat who can hear the sound of the quilt from anywhere in the house. She comes running to get on my lap. I have occasionally had all four cats on my quilt lap at once!

  4. These are so cute!! I thought just dogs like to get on your quilts you are arranging. Guess that is because our cat is not allowed in the house. If she was, there would be black fur on everything. Tip, our black cat with a white tip on her tail would love it, but I would never get anything done as I would be cleaning up after her always. Enjoyed the pics. We love our pets! They are so faithful and such a comfort.

  5. I don’t own a cat, we are dog people, but, these photos make you smile! Next time you’ll have to call for dogs! Or any other furry family member..

  6. Thanks, Lori, for sharing all the kitties. Rosie and Lavender would have been quite chuffed to be involved. I thought after 4 years I’d be able to volunteer at the SPCA “cat house”, but after a visit there I realize I still can’t work there without wanting to take them all home.

  7. I like Pumpkin’s attitude. Very “in the moment” kind of kitty. Love the pics. I was out of town and maybe missed it but did you do the doggies yet? Hopefully you haven’t put the pictures up yet.

    • Doggies coming soon! Still time to send photos-please add Dogs and Quilts in the subject line so I don’t miss it!

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