My Favorite Time of Year


The Perfect Pencil, free motion quilting

Good Morning, Quilters!

Winters are long here in Minnesota, but Fall is fabulous!  The weather is moderate, the skies are bright blue and the autumn leaves really show their splendor.   I also love, love, love Back-to-School supplies  (I can never resist a new notebook…)

Of course, Back-to-School supplies for kids, means fabric sales for us!

Craftsy’s Clearance Sale is a great time to stock up on lots of supplies.  I LOVE their Boundless solids and Aurifil thread is the best price of the season…Use my affiliate link HERE to get all the BEST PRICES!

Boundless Sale


Apples are one of my favorite motifs for fall.

We have several tutorials for apples including this week’s Sweetheart Apple HERE

Apple, FMQ, Lori Kennedy

The Apple Core HERE

Apple Core, FMQ Tutorial, Lori Kennedy

Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

The Delicious Apple HERE

Apple, FMQ, LKennedy

And ‘A’ is for Apple HERE

Apple Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Add The Perfect Pencil Tutorial HERE and you have a quilt!

Machine Quilting, Teachers, Motifs, Pencils, Apple, Worm

What about YOU?

What’s YOUR favorite season of the year where YOU live?

What’s YOUR favorite Autumn Motif?

Wh0’s YOUR favorite teacher?

We’d LOVE to hear!

Happy Stitching, Leaf collecting, Bonfire making….


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17 thoughts on “My Favorite Time of Year

  1. Right this very minute is my favorite time. Hot old AZ has softened to a lovely 67decgree morning. Perfect for having coffee on the patio, watching the humming birds and reading thr”Jaunt”.

    • I love the desert of AZ. I lived there for 17 years. My husband’s job moved him to the Arizona mountains near Blue Ridge Ranger District last year. I live for warm days up here. The winters are too long for me. I wish I could come have coffee with you.

  2. Beautiful array of your fabric orchard, Lori ! We have 70′ on the front porch here in south GA this morning. Our apple tree gave it up some years ago and I miss them. What a joyful alternate to eating…..quilting them !! Do you have pear trees in Minn? Our acre has 2…one called a sand pear ( very yellow) and the other, I forget, but it always has blush of red on its fat yellow sides.

  3. Love the teacher’s quilt! It combines all of the elements that I remarked yesterday would make a great gift for a teacher. Has the appeared in a previous blog, or did you just produce it this week? If the latter, I’m apple green with envy!

  4. Hi Lori:
    I can’t wait to try all these fall motifs again. I think I’ll make a sampler vase quilt.
    Autumn is my favorite time of year here at my lake in NH. I love taking my dog for a long walk and kicking the fallen leaves as we go.
    My favorite autumn FMQ motif is the Inbox Jaunt pumpkin which I use in loopy meanders.
    My favorite teacher is Lori Kennedy of course:)
    Thanks for all your inspiration.

  5. Summer is my favorite time of year. I recently moved to the mountains of Arizona (yes there are mountains). I can’t wait for that first day of at least 80 degree temperature. Coming from the desert of AZ where the temps are easily 110 degrees every day in the summer, I relish every warm day I have on this mountain.

  6. Lori, I love these apple motifs! And you’re my favorite teacher for sure. We’re still waiting for autumn here in Alabama — it’s my favorite season and it’s much too short, but wonderful while it lasts.

  7. Hi Lori! Do you have a pattern to share for the pencil bookmarkers!? (they are so cute!) THANKS for all your free tutorials! AND, I listened & learned from my first Webinar this week–sponsored by Sulky & I got to hear you speak/teach!

    • Click on the photo and it will take you to the tutorial. I stitched around the pencil a few times and then cut it out.

  8. Yes, I am ready for fall. Summer was a beast here in No Va.
    I like pumpkins, and I love going to the master gardener’s scare crow display in Leesburg Virginia. I like all of the seasons. Here on the east coast we get all of them.

  9. I, too, love fall. Here in Colorado we are just starting the turning of the aspens. Hey – an aspen leaf motif? I’m sure you have one.

  10. Favorite time of the year for me in New Bern, NC is fall as well. It usually comes as a welcome relief after a period of very hot and humid weather. Although I was an Army Brat and although I attended 8 different schools from kindergarten through high school my favorite teacher was Ms. LaHage (sp?) while attending fourth grade at Woodburn Elementary School in Annandale VA. The one things she definitely instilled in me was a love of reading. My favorite motif right now for fall are leaves! Pretty soon I can start on the Halloween quilt top I made and plan to use the spider motif you did plus looking back at other ideas you might have for Halloween quilts. The quilt blocks are big candy corns but it has sashing and borders. Think I will use a sparkly thread for the spiders as the sashing is a black showing spider webs!

  11. I love fall as well. Can’t wait for cooler weather! Houston is still high 90s and muggy.
    This is my quilt weather: still to hot to be happy in the garden, so enjoy the air conditioning and finish a quilt!

  12. Spring has sprung here in Hamilton, New Zealand. The blossom is out, daffodils gorgeous and magnolias magnificent Inspiration all around. I just wish I had the skill to match!

  13. Fall used to be my favorite season, but not any more. Since my daughter, mother, and father all died between Sept. 2 and Oct. 22 (different years,) I hate it. Besides, it just means that the awful Minnesota winter is just around the corner. I like spring the best now. The promise of warmer days, new growth, and sunshine makes me happy. I really like the summer, too, because I like not having to put on a jacket to go outside!

  14. Hi Lori, I love your pencil motif! Could be a great start of school gift for those in my family who are teachers and students. I moved from WI to CO this summer. The aspens are a very pretty yellow, but I do miss all the red and orange of the maples.
    Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year! Those who know me are aware that I have to have anything pumpkin, acorns, fall colors from cinnamon to burgundy, and a lot of orange, Bring on the pumpkin spice latte!

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