Half an Apple-Doodle Lessons


How to doodle an apple

Good Morning, Quilters and Doodlers (Sometimes known as Quoodlers)!

Welcome to another episode in the very important (and sometimes serious) series, Better Quilting Through Doodling.

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Doodling is an essential part of machine quilting. 

If  your doodles are smooth, your quilting line will be smooth….and, unfortunately, vice versa…

You must be able to doodle a motif on paper — in order to be able to quilt it on fabric.

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The Tuesday Tutorial this week was The Sweetheart Apple-an adorable fall motif.

So let’s doodle our way through the Apple (we’ll doodle the embellishment another day.)


Begin by doodling the left side of the Apple many, many times.

Draw along the bottom line and the draw the letter “C” from the bottom to the top.

Add a slight “dip” at the top of the “C” –as the core of the apple.

How to doodle an apple

Next, doodle the right side of the Apple,  start from the top and doodle a backward “C”.

Trace along the bottom line.

Some of mine look kind of weird…

How to doodle an apple

Don’t stop at one page…doodle as many pages as it takes to get the feeling of it.

It would not be unusual for me to doodle a motif 100 times…

How to doodle an apple

Once you get the feel of the motif (you’re developing muscle memory here), put the two sides of the Apple together in a fluid movement if possible.  (Starting to look delicious and nutritious!)

How to doodle an apple

Once you have the basic Apple, then the fun begins with leaves and hearts and flowers…

How to doodle an apple

And taffy and nuts and….

How to doodle an apple

Happy Quoodling!


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8 thoughts on “Half an Apple-Doodle Lessons

  1. Taking my sketch pad with me everywhere today.. got all inspired from these apples.I have been inclined to stop sketching after … maybe… 15-20. That must not be enough for my ‘muscle memory’ to be good and set for the best result. And away I go!

  2. A combination of the pencils shown at the top of this month’s blogs, and the apples – both these half-apples and the solid apples from a previous post – would make a perfect quilted gift for a teacher. I might add a worm here and there!

  3. I too love those yellow pencils up above, they hit me right between the eyes. As for the apple, I like the concept but am going to try and do a scroll in each side and back up and do one seed on each center. ?? Just in my head right now.

  4. Thank you, doesn’t say enough! From following your blog, and doodling almost every day I am beginning to feel I can master this! I’ve taking many classes over the years and just never ‘got it’. Thank you again.

  5. Lori, Thank You. Thank you so much for this great tutorial. I feel like my eyes flew open wide with this one. I’ve been petrified to sit at my machine and free motion quilt, but with this tute I got it. DOODLE, just DOODLE!! If I just doodle at every opportunity then when i sit at my machine I’ll be able to do it. Thank you, Thank YOU so much.
    PS I doodled several pages then realized this could be the start of a pumpkin, too. 🙂

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