4 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. This seems more like a photograph than a painting. Cowper’s depiction of the girl’s hair strands hanging down in front of the spinning wheel, and the ruching of the bodice of her dress, creating the tiny lace effect right at the edge of the neckline, are amazingly executed. The pearls are so beautifully believable, you can nearly feel them sliding through your own hand, so cool and bumpy as they glide through your fingers. By the clothing and the pearls, and the general setting in which the painting is depicted, I would assume this girl is from a more wealthy family, and the spinning is a pastime rather than a necessity of survival. Such a lovely painting. Lori, you’ve done it again … you’ve found an amazing painting and painter I knew nothing about. Thanks. I’ll send it along to my painting buddies. They always enjoy your finds as well.

  2. Exquisite painting She is so beautiful and ..she seems so lost in her sadness or dreams, as tho her lover died or left her.

    Her pearls are extremely long I have never seen a strand that long. None the less I love the picture/painting.

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