On Ideas and Creativity

Garden Ornament

Good Morning, Quilters!

I am fascinated by the creative process.  I love to read about the inspiration behind a piece of art and the process of making art.  Most creative people say they get inspiration everywhere.  The ideas come to them whether they are gardening or going for a walk.

I thought you would enjoy this short video by American director, David Lynch:

Where Ideas Come From (Atlantic) 

What ideas do YOU have swirling?  (Are you consciously listening for new ideas?)

Do YOU usually take the time to write them down?

How often do you take your ideas and turn them into a doodle, a quilt, a song, a novel?

We’d LOVE to hear!

Hope YOUR day is filled with inspiration!


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18 thoughts on “On Ideas and Creativity

  1. I get ideas all the time … finding the time to actually do them is the problem. A couple have been stored away in my brain for years. If only a day was 48 hours long!

  2. Been trying to set ideas in priorities, but hard when new ones pop up all the time!
    I had university professor tell us one time that there are 2 kinds of artists.1. those whose art springs from inside them ( no outside influence) and 2. those who become inspired by something they see or hear and then develop it, and 3. those who employ both !

    • I disagree with your professor. What is inside us came from the outside to begin with. Our mother said something or showed us something. or a teacher or friend. We are born a blank slate and soak up knowledge (ideas) along the way. We may not be aware of where the idea came from, but it came from somewhere outside.

  3. I would never have put you and David Lynch together in thought. He is so dark and weird and you are so light and fresh. Nice little film though. I get ideas mainly from other peoples work and a lot from architecture and nature . Having a visual not word memory, everything is a series of patterns when I look at the world. Even when I dream it is a whorl of color and patterns. for the real world, I use the camera phone and keep a scrap book. For the night visions, I have a pad by my bed that I try and capture the concept. So far on of this applies to the free motion patterns. too little experience so I am using your site and the pins

  4. My ideas come from so many places. The joy comes from turning them into reality….or at least some of them. I love the way they can evolve too.

  5. I get inspired by other people. My co-worker thinks I’m an artist. I know I’m just a colorer who uses fabric instead of crayons! 🙂 But I love seeing something come together. And I do have my own ideas, spun off of someone else’s work. But I often don’t make them reality. Too afraid of failure? Not sure where to start? Maybe both. My other thing is i have too many things I want to do that I get paralyzed by what to do first. I need a way to keep myself organized and motivated. What do the rest of you do?

  6. Did anyone else have a teacher label them a “daydreamer”? I certainly did. I have to wonder which tight little box they live in now. Like several of you have stated, I have more ideas than I I can get accomplished.

    • After reading through all of the preceding comments, I say “ditto” to all! But isn’t creativity wonderful?! My mind is always full of ideas. I am never bored!

  7. I also get ideas all the time which don’t often make it into a finished project. I’m trying to write them down more now.

  8. I was on vacation at Disney Orlando of all places and spotted two designs that I would love to FMQ. One was at the bar underneath the beer tap. The other was in my hotel room – wall sconces. So I took a picture of both. Now, like the rest of you, what task # will this get? LOL. V-

  9. Thanks so much for sharing David Lynch’s video on ideas. Brief takeaway: I don’t need to suffer but it would be good to get OUT and catch some.

  10. My sisters and I were in Las Vegas a few years ago for a “girls only” week, and I kept finding wonderful patterns in the architecture, the floors–everywhere! And my dear sisters would block people from entering the area so I could take a photo or two!

    • Our son lives in LV and we visited about 3 years ago. He took us to so many buildings with incredible indoor decor and architecture. I discovered most people would move over or walk around if they suspected they were going to be in the frame I was shooting. !!
      It was amusing that the older folks didn’t seem to mind !! I still haven’t exhausted using my stash of photos in my quilting.

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