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Good Morning, Quilters!

I have a real treat for you today!  Our friend, Peggy has turned one of the Seamstresses in Fine Art images by Henri Lebasque into a paper piecing pattern.  She is offering it FREE to readers of The Inbox Jaunt!

Henri Lebasque

In Peggy’s Words: 

Lori, here is a complete file for the Lebasque paper piecing project.

The women in the Lebasque painting are the image of friendship and relaxation. There is nothing I like better than spending time with others, not speaking much, but working on an individual projects. The peacefulness of those hours are a real joy.

The finished piece is 24″ tall by 22″ wide, but may, of course, be resized if needed. There is a color chart, a single page line drawing, and an exploded diagram visually showing the piecing sequence. There are just over 100 individual fabric pieces. The full sized pattern prints on 9 sheets of paper, to be taped together. I’ve included some text instructions and as always, I’m willing to help people over hurdles if they need more guidance.

People can reach me at

My website is WisconsinQuilting


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I love Cristy Fincher’s paperless piecing method.  She teaches this method in her video, Pain Free Foundation Piecing.  Cristy is an excellent teacher who lays out each step in the process simply and clearly.  Her teaching style is clear and methodical.  All you need is a little freezer paper and you’ll be ready to stitch the Lebasque Women Sewing in no time!

Cristy Fincher, Foundation Piecing

Or try Traditional Paper Piecing with Carol Doak’s Mastering Foundation Paper Piecing.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 2.03.24 PM

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Please join me in a big “Thank You” to Peggy for making these patterns available!

Once you get the Foundation Piecing “Bug” –try more patterns Peggy created for The Inbox Jaunt HERE

May you find friendship and relaxation in all you endeavor!


PS…The paper pattern is the property of Peggy at Wisconsin Quilting and is used here with permission.  The pattern is intended for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog, pin or share with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt or to Wisconsin Quilting.  For all other purposes, please contact Peggy @  Thanks!

21 thoughts on “Seamstresses-FREE Paper Piecing Pattern

  1. That is so pretty, almost enough for me to dip my toe into paper piecing. Happy Labor Day. Thank you Lori and Peggy.

    • Kathy D, if you’ve never paper pieced before I think this pattern is not the one you want to start with, as it could be an exercise in frustration. But if you’re serious, see what Lori says!

  2. Thank-you! I saved that Seamstress post because I enjoyed it so much. Having this paper pieced is perfect. I do appreciate all the time taken to do this.

  3. Lori, beautiful pattern, and I love the original art. This new way of paper piecing sounds interesting, as I am a Carol Doak devotee and have taken all of her Craftsy classes. I will watch this video!

  4. WOW..!!! Thank you for sharing,,, i would love, love, love, to get my mind to wrap around this aspect of quilting… so far,,, no luck…This is an amazing piece..

    • I’m always happy to correspond via email while you are working on one of my projects. It’s the best way for me to learn what stumbling blocks I’ve created.
      Peggy Aare

  5. What kind and selfless people you both are, Lori and Peggy. I truly enjoy paper piecing, and would love to tackle something this intricate. That it comes to me free is a marvellous treat. I’ll be checking Peggy’s blog regularly as well, to see what she’s up to. I can’t imagine creating paper pieces for such intricate paintings is an easy thing to pull off. I’d love to produce a quilt like this for our local small town Fall Fair neeeexxxtttt year, and hope that would be within the allowable limits of the “personal use only” caveat. It definitely looks like a “ribbon worthy” entry. Thank you both so kindly for such a wonderful opportunity.

    • Maureen, I’m certainly glad you’d be motivated to give this pattern a try. If you’d really like to try something for your fair next summer, why don’t you let me try a design for you that is strictly local… a design of something from your own county. I love designing and am working on a ” skyline” for our town of 5000 and would really like to do another to see if my current idea will work for others. Drop me a note at my email
      I will get my skyline posted eventually on but I’m still working on it.
      Peggy Aare
      PS Any of the patterns here on Lori’s site are free and you may use them, alter them, give them to your guild friends, and forward them. Just don’t repackage the patterns themselves for sale.

  6. The pattern is gorgeous. I love how the beautiful painting translated into solids without losing the overall effect of the setting and feeling of the original. How sweet of Peggy to share. Thank you so much!

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