Open Line Friday-Dogs and Quilts

Dogs.Quilts.LoriKennedy002Ruby! Ruby! Get up! Get up–you’re messing with my design!

Okay,okay–maybe it needed a little re-arranging.

Never mind….(she never does…)

You just make yourself comfortable. I’ll work on another row….

Dogs and Quilts

Sound familiar?  Look familiar?

Why do dogs and cats feel compelled to plop down in the middle of any quilt that’s on the floor?


Does YOUR dog or cat join you in the sewing room?

We’d LOVE to hear and see.

Send photos of your dog or cat (or other pet) with YOUR quilts to  Please add “Pets and Quilts” in your subject line…and include your name, the name of your pet and where you live.

Let’s see who has the cutest dog, cat, hamster, parakeet, horse…


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May you be the person your dog thinks you are.


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23 thoughts on “Open Line Friday-Dogs and Quilts

  1. Years ago our little dog slept at my feet while I sewed, once or twice even laying on the “gas petal”. However my husband was picking up something I had dropped and he tickled my foot which lead to the dog protecting me and biting him. My poor husband still talks about how his dog didn’t like him. LOL

  2. My daughters Tortisshell cat would dig out red coloured fabrics, hid them, chew the corners & selvages, & hiss at me when I would find it & try to take it from her. She would then bunch it up underneath herself, making a nest & would stay “on her nest for hours.”

    We were living in Venice at the time & Piwacket (yes, I know), loved watching the tourists looking at our house. She would change positions a few times while they watched.

  3. I used to lay out blocks and bits on the guest bed while deciding how to put them together. One day I went in, and they were tossed all over. It had to be the work of our cat Buddy, and she obviously had a great time rearranging, so I lined it all up again and left. I decided to work on something else and let her play, so for days I straightened them once a a day, so she could do her layout, too. Eventually she lost interest, but it made that quilt one of our favorites to this day, Over a decade later, to know she enjoyed the process of finishing it, too.

  4. Well, I for sure have the cutest dog, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to attach a photo not enough coffee, I guess. Rambo is a 113 pound yellow lab with a very strong and active tail. I use a free standing design wall in my quilt room. If I don’t remember to pin my blocks to the flannel, they end up in a pile on the floor courtesy of his wagging tail beating on the design wall and shaking things loose. I still haven’t learned that I need to pin each and every time. Probably the “old dog new tricks” thing.

  5. Dogs just love to be surrounded by anything you touch. Cats, on the other hand, just can’t stand that you are paying so much attention to something other than them (and then they ignore you LOL)

  6. I just sent photos of my adorable cats. Amazingly I only have them with finished product, and not jumping through everything on the floor. They seriously turn into ninja warriors kicking and attacking the block and pieces. They take no prisoners. I guess there are no photos because I’m too busy yelling and not reaching for the camera! But trust me, for every adorable photo of them sitting quietly on a quilt there are, by a factor of ten, snapshots in my mind of them hauling butt through a carefully placed block arrangement!

  7. I always lay my quilts on the floor to pin my batting. Jackson (RIP) my 93 pound lab always seemed made his way onto my quilt and had to lie down. Followed by our copy-cat cat. I could do was laugh!

  8. Maizy – a reddish golden retriever- was a shelter pet. When we first got her she would try to eat any stray pins on the floor. Ouch! She doesn’t spend much time in my sewing room unless she needs a few “pets”. However, her constantly shedding hair often makes an appearance on my fabric.

  9. I just sent pictures as well. Two black cats, two different personalities. Both “in my face” when I’m sewing. Gotta love it!!

  10. I have to be careful to keep unquilted wool batting away from our dog; otherwise he will scratch it to pieces to make himself a bed.

  11. I now have a design wall because my cats would rearrange my blocks when they were on the floor. Years ago, when sewing with patterns, one of my cats would dash into the room, duck his head under a pattern piece, and throw pins and pattern into the air and then dash out again. The only way to keep him from doing this was to cut the fringe paper off the pattern pieces, roll them into balls, and then toss them into another room. It kept him out of my way and entertained! He lived to be an old guy of 22 when we lost him. I still smile when I think of him. His sister lived to 25 when we lost her. Miss Mudd & Everest – I miss you guys.

  12. Our lovable wonderful Buddy is not allowed in the quilting studio. Don’t want the dog hairs in that room. Nope. It amazes me that so many let critters lay on their quilts. The barn cat makes her bed in my kayak cover–and that’s fine–it’s in the barn with the horses and chickens. 😉

  13. Have sent in our dog’s pic on a quilt. He is always coming upstairs to be with me in the quilt room. During thunderstorms he gets underneath the sewing machine for safety with his thundershirt on. If I am sewing I have to be careful to step on the foot pedal and not his tail!

  14. These stories are hilarious. Our pet connections nowadays are with our “granddogs and cats”. Two of each lived with us for few months and would slobber/stretch on the deck windows of my sewing room, wanting to come inside! With Spouseman’s allergies, we didn’t do much indoor visiting. I have made bed quilts for all the dogs except one and have yet to do for the cats. The chihuahua in NV likes to burrow completely under his and sleep there all covered up.

  15. I have 4 cats – alll of whom love to sleep on batting if it gets left around. The only one who gets “into” my quilts, though, is my 17#, 36″-long (nose-to-tail) cat, Worf. I’ve sent a couple of pics of him. It dooesn’t matter which quilt I’m working on, he has to “help.” He also has a favorite game of ‘pull the pins out of the pin cushion and drop them down the furnace vent.’ I have to go in every once in a while with a magent and retrieve them!

  16. I had a cat named Louise LaRue, she was a calico cat. One day I decided to sort my fabric by color, laying it all over the living room floor. The turquoise and lavenders were next to each other, and she laid across them both. I fed her, and moved the fabrics she laid on while she was eating, to another location on the floor and in she walked, looked around the floor – eyed her turquoise and lavender stacks and laid across the same colors. I made her my first “Kitty Kwilt” from those colors and named it “Colors Weezy Picked” I now have a Siamese named Mary Alyce, and if she hasn’t inspected it, laid on it, slept on it – it’s not ready to leave the house. She is relentless, following me around the house with completed tops…eyeing, spying, just waiting for me to hang it, lay it – something, so she can approve it. If it’s hung, she will reach her paw up, and look at me – until she TOUCHES it. I call her My Chief Quilt Inspector Kitty General! Wouldn’t feel right, without our fur babies!

    • Your pets are truly amazing to me… we had kitties when we were growing up, With a family of children later, all our pets were fish and doggies.

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