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Good Morning, Quilter-Doodlers!

I love it when I see articles about Doodling in major publications like the Wall Street Journal HERE.  Finally–doodling is getting the respect it deserves.  It has been shown to improve focus and memory!

Of course, that’s not why we doodle…

Sewing Doodles

We don’t care about focus and memory…not as much as we care about…


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And we all know that doodling is the fastest way to improve our machine quilting!

Don’t know how to get started?

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What about YOU?

Do YOU have a “Doodle Testimonial” you could share?

Are YOU interested in more “Doodle Lessons” this fall?

Do YOU doodle every day?

We’d LOVE to hear!

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35 thoughts on “New Respect for Doodling

  1. Let’s hear it for “Doodling”!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!! DH & I were at Barnes & Noble yesterday and I observed the prominence given to “adult” coloring books, both in the entry and in the magazine section. Why, a whole classification/section of shelving has been needed for the volume that are in publication at this moment! Coloring and doodling=many quilting ideas & honed skills (who knew!!!!?????) WE KNEW……the quilting community’s “secret is out!!! LOL!!!!!

  2. After having scraps of paper full of doodles everywhere, I finally decided to begin doodling in a sketchbook. I doodle a lot of feathers, and they have become quite easy for me to quilt. Spirals, on the other hand, are difficult, and I recently had the lightbulb moment that I should begin doodling them. Duh! I do agree that if you can doodle it, you can quilt it.

  3. Yes – more doodling lessons . . . I have been making quilts for years but until recently had quilted by checkbook. Now with my APQS George (named Max) I am learning to FMQ and finish my own quilts. Doodling has made a BIG difference for me and I continue to do my doodles every day (especially when sitting on hold . . . )

    • How do you like your APQS George (or better yet — Max)? I am thinking that this may be my next purchase, or a Tiara II. Any suggestions?

  4. Well, I am a wanna be doodler so I need to pick up a sketch book soon to get started. I know it will surely help my quilting. Love your lessons and that fact that you are so generous with sharing those with us. Looking forward to more and more.

  5. Doodling absolutely improves my FMQ, but somehow I don’t do it every day. I need to make it a habit, so yes, yes, yes, more doodling lessons, please!! 😉

  6. Yes, indeed…more doodle lessons, please. I doodle every day..sometimes on paper, sometimes in my thoughts! I’ve also started my 11 year old granddaughter doodling and bought her a sketch book for that purpose.

  7. I found a great app for my iPad called doodle buddy. Create, erase, try again. Remember the steps, the old brain can only learn a few at a time. Try them on paper. Someone said they doodle on all the scrap mail envelopes etc. I do that too!

  8. I am doodling everyday and sometimes twice a day listening to music. And when I try quilting that models on my machine it is like a Pavlov reflex : music and hand memory are matching to help me quilt.
    Once more let me to tell you how your “doodle to design” is such of,a great help to begin and improve FMQ as well as your tutorials and your “divide and conquer”
    I spent a very pleasant Summer with your lessons and I am going on. Thanks a lot !
    Kind regards from Marie

  9. My pages of doodles are by my machine so I can use them for reference. I have been known to stop and doodle in the middle of a quilt to see if my idea works before it gets stitched. Sometimes there are spaces I do not know how to fill and your tuts and my doodle pages usually find a design. Thank You for all your sharing. I would not be as good a FMQ without your blog.

  10. I have my “Dear Jane” sandwiched and waiting so some smallish designs might help me to get started. Quilting over piecing presents its own challenges.
    I love receiving your posts, I am not a doodler by nature but trying to develop the habit.
    I have your Crafty Class which I have watched several times it is great. Thank you for you generosity in sharing your skill.

  11. I am afraid I don’t doodle every day but I doodle a lot. I doodle while my husband is filling the truck with fuel. I doodle before II FMQ to practice the patterns I want to use and to figure out how to lay them out on the quilt. I have found that by doodling a pattern a few times it is easy to do it once I am at my machine. Keep up with the doodling. I really enjoyed the doodling we did from a piece of patterned fabric. Thanks

  12. I love to doodle. I only do it when I want to learn a motif – such as yarn balls for my kitty quilt and a mouse. 🙂
    I keep a sketch book for those times.
    Thanks, Lori for all you do.

  13. Yes, more doodling….Have doodled forever but don’t always equate it to my quilting, but an trying to do more doodling on the quilts. Thank you for the encouragement thru your e-mails.

  14. I have an app called Notability. I can download a picture of a quilt block and draw on top of the picture in white, or the color of thread if like and try it out before I start actually quilting. I also download a screenshot of your quilting tutorials and practice tracing over then until I can do it without the picture underneath. It has helped a lot!

  15. Been a doodler most of my 84 yrs. and it sure helps when you get to quilting and want to do motif style on blocks. Just look at the block and it tells you what will go well for that particular block. Fun!

  16. I have been an avid fan of your doodling but need to buy a pretty doodle sketchbook. However I did buy a white board for doodling. I am doing a little challenge quilt for our quilt guild show that will be next month. It is essentially a row type quilt with one row showing houses and another row showing cute little dresses which I made as actual little dresses and will be hanging on a “clothesline” with little clothes pins. I wanted to depict blowing wing and searched around and found a Leah Day quilt pattern but after a couple of hours of fooling around I couldn’t get into a flow so had an eureka moment and took the straight lines portion and made them curvy! It worked for me! Happy to attach a pic when done. Now much more encouraged to continue doodling on a sketchbook. YES is the answer to more doodling lessons. I am learning so much thru your blogs and all the input from your other fans!

  17. Yay!!!! More doodling lessons please! I appreciate the attached information on doodling. It’s so interesting to read about research on the brain and the hands/muscles. It really does help. Thank you for your teaching and inspiration!

  18. Yes for more doodling lessons. I don’t have a set time I sit down and practice. I usually do my doodling when I am on the phone or sitting in meetings. It helps keep me from falling asleep:-).

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