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Good Morning, Quilters!

Just a quick tip for your Monday.

As soon as you see  a bit of fray on the back of your quilt–

Quick!  Get the scissors and give it a good trim.

Otherwise those pesky green threads will show through on the lighter sections of your completed quilt.

And don’t ask me how I know…

Happy Monday!


Learns-Lessons-the-Hard Way-Lori

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31 thoughts on “Quilting Quick Tip

  1. I learned the hard way too. Now, before I layer the quilt sandwich to baste, I turn over the top and give it a haircut.

    • Great question! I opened the seams on this quilt because if I pressed them to one side-to interlock–every other row would have the seams pressed to the white side. I can live with the white seams open on the white side-but not with the blue and white seams open on the white side. Does that make sense? I think I will do a little photo tutorial to explain better. Thanks for asking!

  2. Great tip!.
    One more comment on my stiff quilt-
    It has lots of seams and both top and back are batiks. Batting is not a good quality and is thin. (It’s been washed).

  3. YES!!!!!!!!! PUH…….LEEZE!!!!! Ask any long armer/quilter who has had the challenge of removing such after finishing a quilt section. “Aargh!!! How could I have missed seeing it/them???!!!!”
    Added note: Even the stray white thread(s) will show in those white areas, depending on the thread density of the fabric used.
    Thanks so much for this post, Lori!!!!!!

  4. Oh, Boy! Also learned that the hard way with a hand embroidered quilt top that a couple “purple” ends weren’t trimmed quite as closely as they should have been! Loving your posts!

    • Embroidery tip – if using 2 or 3 ply floss, when I go to the back I split the ply, run one under a stitch on the back and tie a square knot. That gives you two tiny thread ends rather than one thicker one, minimizing show through. Good luck.

  5. Once I’m done with a top, right before layering, I run a lint roller (the tape kind) over the back to pick up any stray threads. It does sometimes pull a few more threads loose from the seams, but they are easily seen and snipped.

  6. Yup, two of my last few quilts had purple or red threads show up and I did make an effort to trim the loose ends. Some always seem to escape.

  7. Been there, done that – but only once. I find that using a generous amount of spray starch on my pressed seams minimizes fraying. The starch ‘glues’ the cut edges nicely. Also, I want my pressed seams to stay in the direction I choose, so I kill them with the starch. It softens up throughout subsequent handling anyway and I haven’t noticed it has any effect whatsoever on machine quilting.

  8. I’ve used the lint roller method with varying results. Mostly, it is to remove cat hair, but loose threads come off too. It is just when it makes more loose threads than removing. Then, it is time to get out a very small crochet hook (000 or #12–I’ve forgotten which), and slip through the fabric or seam and pull those babys to the right side and snip off.

    • Feeding your cat no grain organic food will minimized the shedding. Also a cat brushing everyday helps not only your quilts but your furniture and the hair ball situation.

  9. I have a tool called ‘knit picker’ (I think it’s called). Has a plastic handle and very fine crochet hook type hook on the end. Works well

  10. Lori, I’m curious if you still use the Husqvarna Viking free-motion guide grip hoop that you referred to in your blog, probably a couple years ago now. I know you don’t like the gloves, but had been happy with this hoop. Thanks.

  11. I ” try” to snip excess threads after I sew every seam. When I noticed the ceiling fan helping once, I even got the hair dryer and blew on it with the Cool setting ! Some fabrics seem to fray way more than others. I use starch on some of my pieces but when I wash the starch out of the blocks, more threads come out of hiding, the little rascals..

      • Thank you..out of state for health care, only home for a week and then back again..I am getting a new sketch Doodle pad to go with me. Lost 11 pounds in 4 weeks and have only about 15 to go. But since when was I ever perfect ?!! Only in my dad’s eyes.. LOL. Best wishes for your long jaunt to NC..Have fun and safe travel !

  12. Thank you, we are in between and know not what the future holds but we know
    Him who holds the future. I am sure He knows I have at least a baker’s dozen quilts to sew on my personal wish/plan list. And grandchildren who receive all the hugs I can give! But am learning His will, not mine. So glad many aspects of quilting are portable.. especially doodling! Thinking of trying “free motion” by hand on one block at a time too. Keep on keeping on, Lori. You have been given gifts, not the least of which is teaching others.

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