5 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. It is a sickness, compulsive rock picking. Ask me, I spent many a day hunched over the shores of Lake Superior in the UP. Agates, Isle Royal Greenstones, Malachite, Jasper, oh, my aching back.

    • ….and the bigger, the better! My girlfriend and I go up in the hills and get big rocks for the yard! We are only limited by what we can carry!

  2. Catching up with posts here.. Joke in our family that I collect rocks..from everywhere. My friend recently brought me one from Prague..where Spouseman was born and spent his first 7 years, I once rolled a huge rock up a river bank in Illinois to take home to Missouri for the patio and that shaped the decision to only collect small rocks! I have a rock garden in the yard and rocks are all over the house too.There may be some under the car seat. Some are favorites of the grandchildren to play with. I used to know exactly where each was from, but in the intervening years, some histories have gone by the wayside of my head. 🙂 My favorite ones are a few the grands brought me when they were young. Their contribution rocks live on the window sill above our kitchen sink. Those are love rocks….and exhibit a message to me every day.

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