One thought on “SixWays.RuinQuilt.LKennedy

  1. I really needed to read and listen to what you wrote. I’ve been machine piecing tops for several years now. My dream was to get a long arm which I finally did in May 2016. I wanted to be able to make a quilt from start to finish without having to “send” it out to a machine quilter. The fear I experienced with trying to make the tension work was getting me so frustrated, I almost gave up☹️ I kept making quilt sandwiches to practice on but I wanted to quilt a real quilt. I just finished sewing my first toddler quilt for my grand daughter. Your advice to practice on tops is spot on!!! Now, I just need to practice, practice, practice and to stop being afraid!!! Thank you for your wonderful advice!!

    A quilter from San Diego, CA.

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