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  1. I couldn’t find your article on why you are against over all stippling. I’m now learning on a long arm and it has no bells or whistles or a way to use stencils. Stippling is what I’m best at for now. I don’t do it as dense as most people I’ve seen. I like my quilts fluffier than all over dense stippling makes them. Please tell me why you are against. I’d like to lean from a master what not to do. Thank you, Angela Castor.

    • Thank you for the question, Angela. First, I want to emphasize I am not the “quilt police”. If stippling is working for you and you are finishing quilts then of course you should use it! However, I think it is over used and rarely adds interest to a quilt. There are easier motifs (like Flower Power) and others that are more interesting. Also, all over quilting is perfect for basic quilts but there are easy ways to change it up and make it more interesting for example by alternating two easy designs. A lot of this is in my new Craftsy video– Creating a Quilting Plan–Approaches for Any Quilt. Simple ideas so we don’t over use stippling.

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