8 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. If I was a writer I could write a novel based on this painting. It says so much!
    Thanks for the Quilt Tour this week. I’ll be going back to it later to re enjoy looking at them.

  2. I wonder what that girl is crocheting. If it was a white yarn, I would guess she was making bandages but maybe this is a scarf to keep someone warm. As Sue H. said, she has beautiful posture. Don’t know where you find these photos Lori but they are all so wonderful to see. Thanks for that!

  3. Could she be sitting at the bedside of someone who is ill.
    She is beautiful, and proudly dressed in the attire symbolizing the Red Cross.
    Gorgeous painting

  4. Being a retired RN especially, I have no idea how those girls could possibly have worked in those outfits! They must have had cover gowns or some kind of scrubs in SOME cases, right??? Beautiful painting, BTW…

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