8 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

    • Sorry. The other photo is thistle. I’m not sure what this is–it grows in the prairie near my house. Marta says its vetch vine.

      • The vine looks like the vetch we have here on the west coast, but the flowers on your vine are way more spectacular. Ours are nondescript little droplets of that pinky purple. If ours looked like yours, I wouldn’t pull them out so willingly ?

  1. This is vetch vine it looks like… have oodles of it in our yard invading everything else…lives only a few weeks in late Spring and is very prolific at its peak. Looks gorgeous blooming alongside the yellow dandelions..Love the details of the tiny flowers in nature.

  2. For anyone interested, type in vetch or vetch vine in google or a search engine.
    A batch of photos can be clicked on. There is a variation in the flowers. …all very lovely. IMHO 🙂 By the way, vetch improves the soil for whatever else will grow

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