A Sisterly Collaboration

Kaleidoscope Quilt, Lori Kennedy, quilted by Patricia Cavaliere

Good Morning, Quilters!

Have you ever purged your quilt tops and wished you hadn’t???

Sometimes it’s all about vision!

Years ago, when I was really having fun with fabric dyeing, I made this kaleidoscope quilt top.

It was so long ago, I don’t remember the details other than I watched a Ricky Tims video on The Quilt Show, followed along to make my own design/pattern and then stitched it with hand dyes.

Kaleidoscope Quilt, Lori Kennedy, quilted by Patricia Cavaliere

It languished in my quilt closet for years so when my sister, Patricia expressed interest in it–I gladly handed it off to her. (One less UFO on my list–I thought I was so clever!)

Then it languished in her quilt closet for years.

Until last week.  She sent me these photos.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

I LOVE what she did with it!

I didn’t have THE VISION!

Kaleidoscope Quilt, Lori Kennedy, quilted by Patricia Cavaliere

File this under…

What else is in my closet?

What was I thinking?

Way to go, Sister!

What about YOU?  Any diamonds in the rough in YOUR quilting closet?

Anything YOU can look at with fresh eyes? New ways to quilt?

It’s all about vision!

I’m off to the eye-doctor….


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25 thoughts on “A Sisterly Collaboration

  1. Beautiful Quilting!Beautiful Quilt! Going to check my closet, oh no! No Sister that quilts!

  2. At least yours is still in the family. Oh my! You did a beautiful job making the top and she did an outstanding job quilting it. It looks like she has taken all your tutorials! LOL I am so glad that I haven’t given any of my tops away. The vision for quilting a top is difficult. I have finally told myself to take the Nike ad seriously and “just do it”. I have one that I am getting ready to use some of your recent newsletter tutorials on. Will send pics later.

  3. I thinks she’s been paying attention to YOUR blog! She’s a keeper. It’s absolutely beautiful.

  4. Maybe she’s going to regift it to you for Christmas!!! (you can only hope : )…). Your sister’s quilting is just lovely…very talented family.

  5. Gorgeous quilt. Amazing that it took so long to finish, but it was probably part of a master plan. Absolutely stunning – design, colors, free motion quilting. Great job ladies.BTW – I do have a friend that did such a collaboration and the quilt rotates between the two, every year. My friend loves to hang it in her living room and it is always fun when she has it displayed.


  6. What a masterful design! I love the quilt top, ditto the quilting! You are two extremely talented sisters. Congratulations!

  7. Just recently pulled something out of my UFO box. It was and Eleanor Burns pattern water lilies. I started wilting away and got all the ripples on the water added some dragonflies and 3D butterflies and it came out fabulous! Now I was in my box so long?

  8. As the sister that did the quilting, I don’t know if anyone goes back in the blog a couple of days to see these comments – but I will add them just in case. First, there is great irony that I quilted a top that Lori pieced ! Second, it took me awhile to get the courage to quilt it because I loved it so much that I was intimidated. I really, really, needed some color in my windowless office so that was the push to “just do it” – along with the recognition that it was too pretty to languish in my closet. Finally, I could not have done it without Lori’s tutorials to give me the tools and her encouragement. It is far from perfect quilting but I am happy with the results and it gives a splash of color to my office. Everyone that passes by can also appreciate it, Should I give it back………….that is the question????

    • I am sure this beauty looks awesome in your office and brings joy to you and all who see the happy colors. I don’t know if you live close enough to dye some more fabrics together or find similar bright colors and make another like this or maybe matching quilts in another pattern of this style. Make Lori one to give her for her to quilt? I don’t know…it would be so difficult to give this one back.
      You did a wonderful job on the quilting and binding. It adds so much to the beautiful design and colors of the quilt. Enjoy it!

    • Did y’all plan/agree for it to reside with Lori or you? I see a response from Lori below as I am few days late catching up. She speaks as a loving sister..!! Way to go, ladies.

  9. Beautiful quilt.One of the ones I wish I had made myself!
    What kind of batting do you use to be able to quilt that heavily & yet the quilt appears
    to still be drapeable?

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