Rainbow Fish


Good Morning, Quilters!

As I was packing up to visit my new grandson in St. Louis, I realized I didn’t have any easy, totable quilting projects!

Now all of YOU know what a crisis that is!!

I grabbed a charm pack of Boundless pre-cuts (5 x 5 inches)…and quickly stitched a background.

(Use my affiliate link HERE to get the best deals on Boundless.)

I added a charm pack of warm colors to my bag and, voila!-instant quilt project, ready to travel!

Pre-cut quilting fabric, fish quilt

Not sure where I’m going with this…but it’s coming along swimmingly!

What about YOU?  Do YOU have a stash of pre-cuts?

My new favorite, “must-have” supply...(‘cuz I’d rather be quilting than cutting!)

“Give a girl a quilt and you warm her for awhile; Teach a girl to quilt and you create a fabric, thread, ruler hoarder,  warm her and her family for a lifetime.”—LCK

Happy Stitching!


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14 thoughts on “Rainbow Fish

  1. Yes, I have all sorts of precut “stuff” but never quite know what to do with them. Thanks for this great idea.

  2. I love the fish- very creative and I know it will be a great project whatever you make it into! Whenever I am going away, the first thing I pack/plan is my project(s)…..I can spend hours packing those and then throw clothes, toiletries, etc. together in minutes! I do recognize how crazy that is but that’s the ethos of a quilter…in my opinion. I don’t think I am alone-someone else was recently talking about a similar issue, taking hours to pack many things for a vacation and then spending minutes on them :). This might be an interesting topic to hear from others about – how/what do you pack for vacation?
    Stay cool……..

  3. I, too pack hand work first before a trip. However, we are going camping for a couple of days this week, so I will stick to hiking and reading! Happy summer, my friends!

  4. I also would really appreciate a tutorial on needle turn appliqué; your fish are just beautiful.

  5. I will be interested in hearing how much time you actually spent working on the project. I recently took a vacation that involved a lot of plain, train and automobile travel. I spent an entire evening getting everything packaged up so it would be easy to pull out and work on. During that 2 week vacation, I spent a total of 2 hours working on my projects. Last week, I was reading a blog from a knitting store in town. She recently had a similar experience, spending a lot of time getting organized, then knitting a total of 10 rows. I wonder how many of us spend lots of time preparing and very little time working on the project.

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