5 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Oh nice. Adorable painting. sweet colors
    Kind of sad too. This could easily be Nice, on the coast.
    I went there as a teenager, with my parents, and little brother (my two older sisters were in the US being grown ups) We lived in Brussels at the time.
    Anyway, we used to walk up the mountains and look at the huge houses and properties. The area looked a lot like this, lots of trees, flowers, paths, and then a big gate and a huge house, all just begging to trespass

  2. At the Shelburne Museum in Vermont (vacation!) I saw a painting by Eastman Johnson titled “Family Cares”. It shows a young girl repairing her doll’s clothes. I briefly tried to find it on the web. I found a lot of his work, but not this one. It would be great for the website – or maybe you have featured it Lori.

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