Reader’s Quilts

Lynn Brazen, Tennis Quilt

Lynn Brazen, Tennis Quilt

Good Morning, Quilters!

I’m off to St. Louis to kiss, kiss, kiss my new grandson, Louis!  

I’m a little nervous about being away from my sewing machine for so long–does anyone else feel that way ever?  I’ll have plenty to keep me entertained…but sometimes sewing is the perfect “wind down” at the end of the day–so is rocking a baby, of course!


I thought this would be a great opportunity to show of YOUR quilts!

Do YOU have a quilt with a motif from The Inbox Jaunt you’d like to share?  Please send your photos to for our first ever Inbox Quilt Show!  


Use your camera or cellphone to take a photo.  Carefully consider the lighting on your quilting.  Photographing your quilt outdoors on a cloudy day is ideal.    Avoid shadows if possible.  Top down photos like the quilt photo above–often show the motifs well.  Another option is to photograph your quilt at a 45 degree angle to highlight the quilting line.    Just do your best and don’t fret!  We’d love to see your work!


The Tennis Quilt above was stitched by reader, Lynn Brazen.  She used the horizontal composition she learned stitching  the “Sailboat Sampler Quilt-a-Long”.   Learn more about compositional styles in my Craftsy video, Divide and Conquer –a great value at $19.99 HERE!

Lynn did a great job personalizing her quilt by designing a racket and ball for a friend who plays tennis.  LOVE, LOVE, love, love it Lynn!  Thanks for sharing!


I can’t wait to see Louis Andrew and…

I can’t wait to see what YOU’VE created with over 100 machine quilting tutorials offered here at The Inbox Jaunt!

Send photos right away—

Happy Quilting!


16 thoughts on “Reader’s Quilts

  1. Congratulations on the new grandson! I’m sure holding him will remove all thought of your sewing machine. Yes…I sometimes wonder about being away from the machine for a few days but I have a wonderful “virtual quilting friend and teacher” who has been encouraging her readers to doodle for months now and telling us about muscle memory…lol….so I’m just positive you’ll lose nothing in the few days you’re away. Travel safely….enjoy!

  2. Tickled that you will soon see/hold your sweetie pie! Blessings for your whole family.
    Safe traveling. By the way, my sewing machine is my wind up and my wind down!

  3. Congratulations on having a new grandson and enjoy your visit with him! I just got back from my vacation in Denmark and while I missed my sewing machine (especially during the eight hour flights) I was able to practice my doodling and enjoy The Inbox Jaunt. Isn’t technology amazing?

  4. There is nothing better than gazing at an infant grand….your sewing machine will be the last thing on your mind….until you hit the pillow.

  5. Enjoy your grandson! Yes, I miss my sewing machine whether it’s in the shop for servicing (thank goodness for my small backup machine!) or whether I’m away for only 4 days to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, only 4 hours away from me!! Lovely time, but so glad to get back to that humming machine again. LOL

  6. Yes I,m a sewing machine tragic too but; now I enjoy my young grandaughter sitting next to me with the machine, grandchildren become fascinated with everything the machine can do. I am sure your newest grandson will love everything you do and all too soon will be joining you in all your adventures. Ahhh grandchildren the world’s greatest treasures. Stay safe and oh so much love coming your way.

  7. I definitely don’t like being away from my sewing machine for long but cuddling your cute little grandson will more than make up for your withdrawal symptoms! LOL!! Have a great time!

  8. Congratulations on becoming a Grand mother…the bonds you make while they are small are repaid threefold when they become all grown up. Enjoy every minute.
    kind regards, Dorothy

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