5 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Very sweet.
    I am so glad I did not live back then with those boob smashing dresses haha
    It is a pretty dress though

  2. I have two pictures by a woman named Cora E. Snyder. She evidently painted while crossing the plains in a covered wagon. Her clouds are breathtaking. But I can’t find anything about her. I’ve asked in various museums but no one seems to know her. Can you help?

    • I can’t find anything either. I will keep the name in mind going forward and let you know.
      How do you know here name and the info about the covered wagon? There are registries of American artists by years…Also, I think you search by taking a photo of the painting to find similar works–that might reveal something. I love a mystery….let me know what you find.

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