Vintage Quilts

Vintage quilt, Henry

Good Morning, Quilters!

Happy Wednesday–I had too much fun over the Fourth of July weekend!  While I DID get my 10,000 steps (or more) every day—I did not do my blogging homework.  It’s been a long time since I missed a Tuesday Tutorial!


Today–a look at a very old quilt.

When I was learning to machine quilt, I volunteered to quilt group quilts for a precursor to “Quilts of Valor” and I even bought vintage quilt tops on Ebay.  (Search “vintage quilt tops”).  I purchased several at very good prices – and one at a not so good price–I got caught up in the “auction fever”.  I’ll pull that quilt top out to show you–it needs work before it can be quilted.

vintage quilt, machine quilting, Lori Kennedy

Not sure how old this quilt is, but it is a great quilt to pull out for the Fourth of July!

vintage quilt, machine quilting, Lori Kennedy

vintage quilt, machine quilting, Lori Kennedy

CAUTION-This is a very fast way to add to your UFO closet!!!!

vintage quilt, machine quilting, Lori Kennedy

Hope your holiday weekend was filled with great weather, family and fun!

If anyone has information/links to Quilts of Valor –I’d love to learn more about that program.

Happy Stitching!


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9 thoughts on “Vintage Quilts

  1. is the website. Lots of info there. They also have a Facebook page. Even free patterns.

  2. What a beautiful vintage quilt! I, too, love the vintage tops and found my closet filled with 25 tops that needed various repairs before I could even think about quilting them up. Then my new-to-me longarm (May 2015) came equipped with a cupped foot. It doesn’t catch on popped seams, holes, tears, or the fullness that finds its way into some blocks. I keep scraps from vintage tops and when I would come across a hole or tear I could gently slide a piece that closely matched and quilt over it. I’m happy to report all 25 tops have been quilted in a years time and about a fourth of the pile has binding now. It so nice to be able to use and enjoy these quilts in our home. It might be worth checking into for a cupped foot for your machine. Kindest regards, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

    • Wow! Amazing that you quilted that many quilts in one year!!! Where did you acquire all your vintage quilts? Thanks for the tip about the cupped foot. Not sure that is available for my machine, but the idea, adding fabric underneath and using a foot that does not catch is a good one!

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