12 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Yes m’am… we love you. You look every bit as beautiful as last year. You are ageless. And your smile cheers us on. We will not give you up. Your portrait is a reminder of who you are.

  2. Happy 4th of July enjoy your celebration and fireworks. We will be watching Buffalo’s from across the river. Cheers…

    • hi, Barb, and all,

      I am from Buffalo. LOVE our Canadian neighbors! I remember the Iran hostage crisis, when the Canadian embassy in Iran saved American lives. Guess that’s an appropriate thought for Independence Day.

      God bless All who want to live in peace.

  3. This photo soothes my soul and brings back such great memories. My Dad was born on the 4th of July so we always celebrated his and our countries birthday together. We should all fly our flags to show our allegiance and our thanks for those who have fought for our freedom! Bless them all!

    • Lovely comments above. God Bless America. I am a Daughter of the Revolution. My New England Patriot was 16 years old in Machias, Maine when he took the oath, under the orders of George Washington. He walked 240 miles by foot from Machias, Maine to West Point. He was a Provost Guard who saw numerous campaign’s. Later he was known as Major Ebenezer Inglee. He was also a Mayflower descendant. Lori thank you for the beautiful photo of our American Flag! I am 76 years young. I love your Silent Sunday’s!

      • Great story!!! Thanks for sharing!! Just saw an interesting article about DAR quilt display.

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