13 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. YES,, God bless the great ole’ USA ! Many of us love you and are praying you are to live for many more generations as we celebrate your birthday!

  2. OH I love this one. Good old GW and MW. My favorite people.
    Their house is just down the road 40 miles away in Alexandria. A nice place to visit, but not in summer

  3. Once again we celebrate this momentous birthday & I too LOVE the George & Dolly painting. (You don’t suppose George is giving her sewing suggestions or she giving him battle maneouvers?)

    Please remember all the military who have given their lives for us to celebrate again; there are families who will have missing spaces of loved ones never to return. Each military person knows when they enter their particular chosen branch that they are in essence signing a “BLANK CHECK” which as you know means that they will give their LIVES for US. A SOBERING THOUGHT, isn’t it?

    • One of my favorites!!! This painting was featured a while back! Love the light in this painting.

      • Great that you know it Lori. The artist’s house (about an hour from here) is now a museum to his work and the sewing machine is still there by the window. I have a print hanging above my sewing machine:)

  4. oops, folks, that’s not Dolly Madison in the painting, it’s Betsy Ross! But that’s nothing…the biggest oops I’ve seen lately is the tank top for sale at the local Kohl’s with a picture of Abraham Lincoln above the words “party like it’s 1776!”

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