American Quilter Magazine–Sailboats and More!

AQ Magazine, My Line with Lori Kennedy

Happy Monday, Quilters!

Mondays are the beginning of a the week, and just like the beginning of a New Year, they are an opportunity to re-group and set new goals.  So…speaking for myself…it’s time to set #MoveMore goals in the quest to #LoseThoseFatQuarters!

sleeping pig

What about YOU?  Quilting is sedentary…do YOU need to be more balanced this week?

Among the many beneficial side effects, exercise has been shown to increase brain cell growth and memory!

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Once you’ve finished your exercise, grab a tall glass of water and dive into the May issue of American Quilter Magazine.

In my column, My Line with Lori Kennedy, you’ll find The Sailboat, Waves and more.

AQ Magazine, My Line with Lori Kennedy

I think you’ll also enjoy Kimberly’s Korner with Kimberly Einmo.

Don’t wait–it’s been on newsstands for a few weeks…

AQ Magazine, My Line with Lori Kennedy

I hope YOU have a great week planned!

Exercise first!  #noexcuses


Not-so-Lazy, Lori

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12 thoughts on “American Quilter Magazine–Sailboats and More!

  1. I love your quilting but my love for that cute pig is fighting for first place. I’m a sucker for animals. Don’t tell anyone but they are my first true love. Quilting would have to be second. ????

  2. Nothing like a baby puppy. They smell like love.
    Thanks always for sharing your talents.
    Exercise done, I have stayed free of a sciatica since January doing what my physical therapist suggested.
    Off to the gardens and hopefully sew this afternoon when it is hot.

  3. Thanks for being a breath of fresh air and sunshine to all your loyal fans. I so enjoy these posts and seem to never get around to telling you that. I have been a longarm quilter for many years, but never get tired of learning new designs and better ways of doing them. Enjoy the exercise push! It is truly the only way to live happier and healthier.

  4. I am down 25 lbs and 14.5 inches since end of April. Feels good! Got abot 20 more to go. Walking, eating healthy, walking some more.

    I should walk to the quilt shop and get that book……….maybe. It is pretty hot here today.

  5. Good grief Lori..where have you been all of my (quilting) life? I took a free motion workshop through my guild and the teacher turned us on to you and your website. Now I’m hooked….you have such a beautiful way of breaking down patterns to make them understandable. In the workshop, we are quilting placemats for the “Warm Winter Nights” participating agencies/churches to use this winter when they have families to feed. I did the little bows and ribbons on a simple patchwork, and the cherry clusters on a strip placemat that had cherry fabric. Oh my, they looked great and were so easy! I would never have attempted either motif, thinking them to be too hard since I am a beginner, but I followed your step by step. Once I did a few, muscle memory started kicking in and I had so much fun zipping along. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You can now add one more faithful reader to your blog!

    • Mary, Thank you for your kind note! We are so so glad you are here!! What took you so long?!
      Please do me a favor–and spread the word–tell all your quilty friends–like us on Facebook and share the link–it really helps us build our community of Doodle-Quilters!

  6. Today, mowing the grass is going to have to count as my exercise! This was a fun sampler to do, Lori. I jumped right into it when I was reunited with my Janome after a long winter away and used it to reacquaint with my machine. I sewed my young friend’s baby’s name in the center, bound it with a matching striped fabric, and it’s on it’s way to his nautical nursery in Tx. He won’t mind the mistakes! Thanks for taking the time to share this sampler with us!

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