19 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Look at that large shadow the little bird throws. 🙂 Is there a meaning there? Since it’s not quite 8 a.m. on Saturday and this post is up now, I HAD to check to see what day it was. Honestly, I thought at first that I’d lost a day!!

    • I too focused on the shadow and what meaning it could have for me. It is larger than life, and while that bird occupies just a small space in the universe, it is still part of the universe, however small. It is unique and it is beautiful with that splash of red. We are all here in this vast universe at this moment. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised–today, this moment, is what we have, and we are part of this universe, unique and beautiful souls that we are.

  2. I am a very serious bird-person and know most of them from coast to coast, but this one is a stranger to me. Do you know what he/she is?

    • either that or a seagull was making whoopee with a red-headed woodpecker. 😉

      seriously…Lori…I always love to see your photographs. You have an eye and a talent for photographic design. I especially love the Hawaii pix – keep ’em coming! If I can’t get there any time soon, at least Hawaii can come to me occasionally. Thanks again! LK

  3. I believe this is a red crested cardinal which is native to South America but like other species has ended up in other areas including Hawaii. He is a beauty!

      • You know the saying “google is your friend”? Well, I just googled “red headed bird with gray back and white belly”. That’s how I found what it was called and a bit about it. Then when I looked at it again, I realized how much it does look like a cardinal only with a different “suit” on. By the way, lovely photo and I am really enjoying your blog since I found it a couple of days ago. Thanks so much for all your postings that contain such great information.

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