Red, White and Blue-An Easy Block Pattern

Red, White and Blue Quilt, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

Some of you wanted to join me in my Late Night Quilting…Read more HERE  as I work on a quick and easy Red and White (with a little blue) quilt.  I hope to have this finished by the Fourth of July….(though I didn’t specify what year!)

This is an EASY quilt block!

First you have to “see” the block–that’s not so easy!

Red, White and Blue Quilt, Lori Kennedy

It is difficult to see because the sashing between the blocks is a repeated element from inside the quilt block.

The block itself is a variation on The Shoo Fly block–a nine patch block.

(Does anyone know if this block has a name??)

The block is just four Half Square Triangles, with a center square and divided rectangles in between.

Easy cutting!  Easy Stitching!

Red, White and Blue Quilt, Lori Kennedy

For each block: Cut two 5 inch solid red squares.  ( I used charm squares from Boundless, America the Brave Collection-35% OFF!!!-see my affiliate link HERE)

PS…Craftsy has a huge sale right now–pick up some Aurifil thread, too–it’s rare to find it at this price!!

Boundless America the Brave Collection

In addition, Cut two 5 inch squares from print fabric.  (Try to find fabric that has a white background for best contrast.)

Red, White and Blue Quilt, Lori Kennedy

Cut Four rectangles 2 x 2-1/2 inches from a large print.

Red, White and Blue Quilt, Lori Kennedy

Cut Four rectangles 2-2/12 inches from another large graphic print.

Red, White and Blue Quilt, Lori Kennedy

NOTE-If all the rectangles will be of the same fabric–stitch 2-1/2 inch strips of each fabric together, press and then cut 2 inch sub cuts.  (Thanks, Judy!)

Cut one blue square:  2 x 2 inches.

Red, White and Blue Quilt, Lori Kennedy


With right sides together, layer the print squares on top of the solid red squares.

To mark the Half Square Triangles (HST)–use a ruler to mark the stitching lines

Red, White and Blue Quilt, Lori Kennedy

Or mark the cutting line and use it to line up your presser foot for stitching.  (This is the method I usually use.)

Red, White and Blue Quilt, Lori Kennedy

Stitch.  Cut apart. Press.

The HST will be slightly larger than what we need–trim to 4-1/2 inches.

For the most accuracy–I like this method the best–making the squares slightly larger, then trimming.

Red, White and Blue Quilt, Lori Kennedy

Lay out the pieces…

Stitch the blocks…

Trim the blocks to 10 inches

Red, White and Blue Quilt, Lori Kennedy

Add sashing (same measurements)  between the blocks to create the quilt!

Red White Quilt, Lori Kennedy

I have not included every step…there is some work in between…

My quilt is a 9 patch–Nine blocks with sashing in between.  I’m going to add a solid red border so I can add Shining Star Quilting from last week’s tutorial.

Any Red and White Quilts in YOUR future?

We’d LOVE to hear!



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30 thoughts on “Red, White and Blue-An Easy Block Pattern

  1. Very pretty but recommend cutting strips of graphic red print 2-1/2″ wide, sew them together and then subcut two inch strips. To make the inner sashing of your block

  2. Love this quilt! Looks like the red and white prints may have been from a collection. Please share! It’s stunning!

  3. Your link labeled “shining star quoting from last weeks tutorial,” is pointing to your bundles on Craftsy … I don’t think that’s what you intended …

  4. Thanks, Lori! I loved this quilt from your previous post and am ecstatic that you provided the instructions!

  5. I always read your blog, Lori. I just do not ever have time to post like I used to.
    I like this block. This would make a fun cushion, table top quilt, or a picnic blanket for a nap under a shady tree

  6. Hi Lori, I think this block might be called Lover’s Knot, its like one that I’m teaching my quilt group as part of sampler quilt although the piece you have in zig zag fabric either side of the centre square is a bit smaller on ours, its square. I love all the different names for the blocks although I do wonder how they came about, it would be fascinating to know what inspired them.
    I love red, white and blue quilts, they are our national colours here in the UK too but you have a great day to use them when you celebrate your independence from us! This is a lovely use of fabrics and colour and as usual with your work, so inspirational. Thank you.

  7. It’s great that you started with “first you have to see the block.” That’s the beginning point but so often it’s assumed. I really appreciate how you make these steps and the free motion quilting steps so easy to follow.
    I don’t have plans for a red, white, and blue quilt at the moment, but this post is sure inspiring. Thanks so much!

  8. I like the way the simple block makes a complex fun pattern. I am thinking it would also look fun a bit more scrappy. If each block a different single solid color with a coordinated print say of cool colors and the “sashing” that runs through the block in warm colors … or something like that , it might look interesting as well.

  9. I’ve made several red/white HST blocks from my stash, using your design. I’m determined to make the quilt completely from my stash. I don’t have a red/white zigzag fabric or a large dot fabric, so I’m planning a red/white stripe and smaller dots. We’ll see how it goes. I’d hate to give in and have to go shopping again. ? I’m pondering your square flower quilt block pattern for the finished blocks. I like the sun, but it’s only a half, and I’d have to play with it to make it into a whole sun. We’ll see.
    Thanks again for such fun ideas.

  10. That would be amazing if you finished it before July 4th….always good to have a deadline! This would be a fun Canada Day themed quilt too…just leave out the blue :-). Or I could put the blue in because I’m from Dutch heritage and red/white/blue is the Dutch flag! I am finally finishing a Canadian exchange block quilt from 2007! It’s been pinned for at least three years/maybe four….finally getting it done….have a week to sew the binding before July 1st. Wish me luck LOL.

    • I am Canadian as well, and I plan to use a tiny darker red/white maple leaf print in place of the blue blocks. Shhh, don’t tell Lori … I haven’t told her yet. ? Getting it done before July 1st will be a challenge, as I’m in prep for a major wedding we soon have to attend in the east (Montreal) … we’re on the west coast.
      Good luck getting your block exchange quilt finished for the 1st.

  11. Lori, since you are using the same fabrics throughout for your pieced “sashing” dividing your half square triangle blocks, why do you not strip piece them? You could piece two strips of the reds and subcut as many two fabric elements as you need. You could even take it a step further and piece a five strip set, Red1, Red2, Blue, Red2, Red1 and have a strip set for the longer sashing that includes the corner squares.

    • I was designing as I went a long. I did do that for later blocks. You are absolutely right–best way to go. I would probably not do the five piece strips. I’m not accurate enough!

  12. Lori, will this be your finished centre before borders … Approx 33″ square, or do you plan to run the sashing around the outer edges as well, before adding the red outer border you mentioned? Enquiring minds like to know ?

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  14. Lori your quilt is stunning! Is it okay to use this pattern for a QOV? Happy 4th to you and your family also!

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