6 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Oh my goodness, you must have been hiding somewhere in our front yard yesterday watching as we removed a large bed of overgrown Day Lilies. They were here when we bought this house 2 years ago & had formed a hard mass with blooms that were twisted & gnarled. They were such a mess we had to totally discard them. We plan to make an English Garden in that area after we amend the soil. When we were cleaning the tools we found old Day Lily bulbs stuck on the backs of the shovels & mattocks. Our tools looked exactly like this picture.

  2. Trying to get an Acmena stump out from the ground on the side of my garage, too big and what a job, has taken me three months so far and got beaten back by the rain, kept filling the hole I dug around it! Wish I had dynamite, hahahahaha

    • Try some 8-10 year olds… Many of them love to dig. LOL,,The photo today reminds me of all the potting soil on our back deck that we bought
      the day before my Spouseman broke his leg bone. He is out of hard cast this week and in soft cast/boot. He will go to PT 3X week now for 4 weeks. Some things just wound up being more important than the flower beds. That day will come ! A lone mini-zinnia is blooming in a pot
      on our front porch….brave thing!!

      • I love Zinnias! The thrive with neglect! But I do recommend a little watering–lol!

  3. I had old stock of day lillies or iris beds in a couple o the houses I have lived in. They are very difficult to dig up and the tubers get so intertwined. My last house I owned by then in N. carolina, had a bed of yellow irises. I had two strong, sons who could barely get several out. I would have needed a roto till. I so understand the difficulty.
    I have planted English style gardens also and so enjoyed them.

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