Shining Stars-A Machine Quilting Tutorial

Stars, Machine Quilting

Good Morning, Quilters and Star Gazers!

Did you know there are 200-400 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy?!

Or that most stars are between 1-10 billion years old!?

How many constellations can YOU identify?  (I remain at the first grade level–six constellations.)

Stars look great on any quilt and are always “on trend” in decorative arts. 


Doodling will make this motif much easier.  Start by doodling in a square.  See Star Doodling tutorial HERE

To stitch the stars, begin by drawing parallel lines.  This motif can be stitched very large or very small.  In the tutorial below, the lines are 1-1/2 inches apart.  The lines help to keep the stars relatively parallel.

Begin stitching below the top line.  Stitch a straight line, a triangle and a straight line.Stars, Machine QuiltingAngle in toward the center.Stars, Machine QuiltingAdd a triangle to the lower right.Stars, Machine QuiltingAdd a triangle to the lower left.Stars, Machine QuiltingStitch past the beginning line and begin to echo stitch the star.Stars, Machine QuiltingEcho stitch the top of the star–extend past the right “arm” of the star to begin the next star.Stars, Machine QuiltingContinue to add stars in the same way…Stars, Machine QuiltingAt the end of the row, echo stitch the bottom of the stars.Stars, Machine QuiltingAt the left edge, add a spiral and travel down to the next row to begin another row of stars.

Extend the top most triangle into the open spaces of the previous row of stars.

Add spirals to fill in open spaces if you like.Stars, Machine QuiltingThe stars do not have to be perfect or aligned perfectly.  The hand drawn look is perfect for the Shining Stars motif.Stars, Machine Quilting

Stitch a single row to create a border, multiple rows to fill a background or…

Create YOUR own constellation!



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16 thoughts on “Shining Stars-A Machine Quilting Tutorial

  1. OMG this is so good, I think you may just be the answer to my quilting prayers. When I can put it into practice I will surely let you know!!! THANK YOU LORI ?☺️

  2. May I also add that your tutorials remind me of how excited I got when I first found INKLINGO. Can you imagine the future in quilting? First you make the top with Inklingo and throw huffing and puffing out the window then you finish with Quilting by Lori and throw stress out the window, how can I not be excited about that? Have a great day ??

      • Yes do, it will change how you look at paper piecing, even piecing and cutting. It’s wonderful. It was invented by Linda Franz and she’s ever so helpful if you have any questions. I think you will like it. Your top will get done much faster and you can then jump into the quilting. I just can’t wait to quilt my doodles on all I have made. “Doodles” that is now my favorite word ?

  3. Nice. Love your designs. I have a pad of drawing paper by my computer and have just filled three pages with stars. Thank you.

  4. I was able to sign up for your Craftsy class using a Visa gift card. Now that I know I can do that,I won’t hesitate to sign up for more. I watched the first class and was really impressed with the content. You make things look so easy. I have been quilting for awhile, but picked up some great tips that I never thought of before. Doodling on newspaper is just one that I never thought of! I love how you relate the basic shape to other uses (ie: pearl to snowman). I am short on time today or I would watch more. Love the red and white quilt. Your blog is a favorite!

  5. Love your stars I have just finished adding your swirling stars to the border of my Lighthouse quilt and it looks awesome. Thanks for sharing your designs.

  6. Love these stars! I used one of your other star motifs in a throw quilt border for my son’s family and alternated the stars with each family member’s name (again, inspired by you) – because they are the stars! They really loved the personalized quilting.
    Thank you, again for your inspiration and generosity.

  7. Oh! They’re so cute! I just finished my 10,000 steps and now I’m ready to relax and doodle stars. I can use it in a red, white and blue challenge I’m doing with my guild.

  8. I’m going to practice this one today! Thank you for making the art of quilting seem possible for me. Going to check out your class on Craftsy!

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