Late Night Quilting

Red White Quilt, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

It was a gorgeous weekend in Minnesota!  I spent the weekend gardening and swimming and watching high school baseball…but I can’t go a weekend without some time quilting!

I have been watching several Craftsy videos (Today is the last day of Craftsy’s HUGE Summer Sale–Everything 50%off–use my affiliate link HERE)  and was inspired to do a little piecing.

Red White Quilt, Lori Kennedy

I limited my color palette to red and white and then added just a little blue…with a plan to finish this before the Fourth of July.

Red White Quilt, Lori Kennedy

I know, I know…you are thinking–she should be ironing her Boxes and Vines quilt–Read more HERE

Red White Quilt, Lori Kennedy

I just couldn’t resist starting something new!

What’s new in YOUR sewing room?

Are YOU a late night quilter?

Do YOU NEED a red, white and blue quilt for the Fourth of July?

We’d LOVE to hear!

How will I quilt this???


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52 thoughts on “Late Night Quilting

  1. I’m trying to finish up some UFO’s and working on the Splendid Sampler that Pat Sloan has going and need to sandwich the Craftsy BOM 2016 since the top is now completed. So am trying not to start anything new but it’s beckoning.

  2. Should have worked on UFO’s when I joined my quilting friends for some sewing yesterday afternoon. Instead I started a new quilt Rise by Allison at her web site. Rise has 9 different hot air balloons, prairie points and lots of opportunity for color. Since we just had the Great American Brass Band Ballon Race here, I felt called to start this quilt.

  3. I’m on the same UFO thing, but so tempted to start a new project!! But, persevere, persevere! No red white and blue here since I’m am Canadian, but I’ve got a red and white Canada Day quilt draped over my sewing chair to see if I can get it finished for the 1s of July, which is our Canada celebration. This quilt has been pinned for at least three years, maybe four and I always find it after July 1st and lose my momentum. Maybe I can get it done THIS year? I too quilt late at night sometimes and very early in the morning LOL!

    • Also being Canadian, I LOVE working in red & white. I have several quilts, including a tessellating red/white maple leaf quilt that took a LOT of time, but was worth every minute. I also made an “O CANADA” quilt a few years ago, highlighting a lot of Canadian symbolism. I’m hoping to attend the National Quilt Show in Saskatchewan next year, our sesquicentennial. See you there!

  4. When you figure out how you will quilt your lovely top please show us the finished project. I’m interested in how you will deal with the HSTs.

    • No. I love to dive right in. I’m a gambler–especially using red! I’m counting on my Color Catchers to save me!

      • They probably will!! I finished quilting a baby quilt with reds and pure white on the front…sprayed it with water to remove the marking lines! Oh oh!! Big time bleeding of the red onto the pure white Kona. Quickly stitched the edges down and tossed it in the washer with a Colour Catcher….ALL of it came out. Phew!

  5. Hello, love r,w,&b quilt top really pretty. Would you please talk about the Quilts of Valor? A very worthy endeavor by many quilters, donating supplies and TIME. Much appreciated, in advance.

  6. I am a late afternoon/evening quilter;creative juices seem to flow easier with far less mistakes, & for me there is more enjoyment. When I studied psychology (as most probably have), I remember that each of us has a Circadian Rhythm which is Our Time for creativity or to tackle those difficult tasks. If we try to force creativity it is very difficult because we aren’t in Our Time. Think about it & give it a try.

    Like the RW&B Lori; your talent is never ending.

  7. Hi Lori
    I’ve already downloaded your first class onto my iPad that way I can watch even without WiFi and no breaks. I’m sorry to say that you class is very, very, bad…… for my health. Yes that’s right! I have a lot of health issues (who doesn’t) anyway, I broke my good leg which means I’m laid up in bed and can’t get out which means that after watching the first 3 lessons my health has deteriorated. I now have stress from not being able to get up “run” to my machine and practice, practice, practice. I am doodling though but I want to get into it, now!!! Only up to lesson 3 and I am hooked. You are so good at explaining and I love the way you make me visualise and plan, yes I am really liking your class so very much. I think I will just go ahead and get your second one right now. Thank you for giving me the incentive to get on my machine and “finish” everything. It will be a while so don’t expect any samples from me yet but I am your doodle girl right now! THANK YOU LORI xoxox

    • Wow!!! Thank YOU! Thank you for this great review. I think I will print it out and put it on my fridge for my family to see-LOL!!!

      • You’re very welcome and by all means put it on your fridge LOL. I have just purchased the second class so I have lots to watch and learn whilst in bed, yay! I miss my sewing room and my lovely pink sewing table my hubby made for me. I have pictures somewhere I will try to find them so I can share. I am mostly a NIGHT QUILTER because I have chronic insomnia, even my Vet told me off, yes I said Vet, ha ha, apparently I am to blame for all my dogs having insomnia now too! Poor babies, it’s the truth, they stay by my side and go where I go so if I’m up sewing all night they are too! 😉

  8. Love the red-white and blue! The boxes and vines can “age” some more. It obviously isn’t their “time” yet.

  9. I have drawerful after drawerful of red&white fabrics. This looks like a fun quick pattern to use up some of rhe,. Are they 4″ blocks with 1″ sashing?

    • Oops, fingers on the wrong keys. Where’s the little ‘Apple Correcting Man’ when you really need him … probably out messing up someone else’s messages ?

      • Thanks for the info. I might just go down to the sewing room and chop up some reds/whites. I haven’t made my annual red/white quilt yet this year, and we’re almost halfway through … do you believe that! ? Where has the time gone?!

  10. I am a night person so I am often at my sewing machine past midnight. I’m working on a 365 day challenge and I can easily slow down at night and be more precise. Love your red, white and blue. Looks so fresh. I can almost taste the watermelon.

  11. Hi Lori, my sewing room is currently a disaster area. We just got all new windows and the poor guys had to find their way through my stuff to get to the windows 🙂 I am currently making a wedding sampler for my son and his bride-to-be (cross-stitch) so I’ve been awol from that disaster area!! Last year was a banner year for me quiltmaking and the room shows it!

  12. Oh yes, a midnight person here ! Just getting started with my day at 4 PM..LOL. I am working on a red, white, and blue quilt for my adult nephew whose birthday is in July. There will be four FMQ sections among the wheels design. We have 98′ on the front porch and I have not walked outside except to go to the road to the mailbox. New fabric arrived so the suffering was worth it !!! Fabric is soaking already to remove the sizing. Dries in 15 min on front porch. Love seeing fabric flapping in the breeze on the line. Love your cheerful new one, Lori.

    • I love the imagery of the fabrics flapping in the summer breeze on your porch. Very evocative. All it needs is a glass of lemonade, a rocking chair, and crickets trilling.

  13. I use to sew at night but my eyes seem to enjoy the light of day more. I love your Red White & Blue quilt. The variety you have of reds and whites is awesome.

  14. I just pinned this quilt to my Red, White & Blue and your name and website are prominent. Thank you for such great inspiration

  15. Very cute. I’m looking forward to seeing how you quilt this. Most of your FMQ tutorials and small quilts are done on solids. These cute prints will be a change.

  16. I just pulled some of those colors to work on a patriotic quilt to add to my front porch. Looking forward to watching more of you as I luckily just came across your blog! I’m so glad I did! Thanks for the inspiration AND education!

  17. I am a morning person. When I was teaching I always had tons of work to do in the evening. Now that I’ve retired I just like to relax and pretty much do nothing in the evening (except maybe a little doodling).

  18. I am a night owl. Right now it is 12:45 am. But I can quilt at any time of the day. Last night I stayed up late piecing a table runner. This morning I started sewing the rows together right away (9 am). I really love the marathon sewing days of a quilt retreat.
    Love your RWB, Lori, Can’t wait to see how it gets quilted And to get the instructions.

  19. I started cutting fabric for a quilt for my granddaughter. I know, I know, I should be finishing quilting my double wedding ring quilt. Couldn’t help myself-had to start something new.

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  21. Guess I’m not the only one who can’t resist the lure of the next project! Later I hit the phase of having to get something finished. Too many UFO’s start to weigh on me. I need the feeling of accomplishment I get when I put in the last stitches, wash it, and take it all fluffy and softly crinkled from the dryer. My quilt-making seems to cycle. By the way, I’m a late-night quilter, too. Wonder if there is some connection between quilting and being a night-owl?

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