15 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. My goodness … what a beautiful visitor to your garden. What type of butterfly is it? Here on Canada’s Pacific coast we only get Black Swallowtails and a little blue butterfly whose name I can’t remember. Years ago when we were new to this coast, I had planted an herb garden, with fennel growing right under the kitchen window. One day I went out to the garden to find these fat black caterpillars, with yellow and green spots, crawling all over my fennel. OMG … I crushed a one, then thought perhaps I’d best find out what they are. You guessed it … Black Swallowtails’ early stage. Now they can have all the fennel they like in my garden! I miss the Monarchs from back east that would come in droves in late summer, but Black Swallowtails are a pretty nice tradeoff. We just don’t get the numbers of butterflies, the way the Monarchs came. But perhaps they’ve been decimated in recent years as well.

  2. This photo is so peaceful and cool. We’re expecting 100+ degrees heat index today. I’ll try to keep this lovely picture in mind!

  3. My goodness, so this is how thistle gets pollinated! Very gingerly. What a gorgeous shade of blue you captured!

  4. It’s midwinter here in Melbourne Australia; great pictorial delights here in winter, but:such a delight to see your beautiful butterfly photo. It’s helping to keep me warm. Thank-you

  5. It’s Marilyn here again. Words cannot express my deep deep sympathy to each and every one of you for the tragedy which beset so many in Orlando and indeed your whole nation. I can only say Rest in Peace and may your hearts find the peace to live with the pain.

  6. HI Lori, I live in Rosemount MN and I’m curious where where you took the picture of the butterfly? You did get me to start doodling and I’m a late night quilter although I shouldn’t be!!!

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