9 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Hmm,,,, trying to figure out this painting after the emotion of enjoyment fades for a moment. First, it reminds me of quilts sewn by quilters who like to use solid colors instead of printed or patterned fabrics. Second, Is that a vase cloth she is sewing or repairing? Third, what is in that bowl? not notions, me’thinks. Looks like yarn but Fauvism doesn’t necessarily define items. And she has no knitting needles! If it is fruit, yep, the colors disguise that mundane fact. So, setting aside intellect, only my emotions enjoy this painting. But,, but,,, what is that red line around her neck? Trim for the dress or a cord holding keys as she is a nurse in an institution? Hush, mind!
    I just want to imagine myself sitting with her to learn what she is sewing. Altogether an evocative, cheerful painting !

    • Marta, I love how you spend time with the paintings–thinking, considering, evaluating…it’s a great skill and worthwhile exercise. I plan to write more about “seeing” a painting in coming weeks–but you are a great example of how it should be done!

      • 🙂 I hope my head still fits my sun hat! Thank you Lori., you are so generous, I wish I could find more quilters who like to discuss their quilts. I need to learn more about placing colors to bring out values. I have delayed making a particular quilt because I don’t want to use the colors in the wrong place.

      • Marta, where I live there have been several courses on color theory (also on Craftsy, I think!) and applying this to quilting. I have never taken those kinds of classes, myself. I have a color wheel, but basically just go with a look that is pleasing to my eye.

  2. What a lovely calming painting. I’ll channel the image today, when I need a calm moment or two, while wildly racing through a quilt show, trying not to miss anything. Ahhhhhhhh … stop … catch a breath … calm … observe.

  3. I saw it is pearle cotton balls…..The painting shows the fabric she is working on as being rounded implying that there is an embroidery hoop there. I saw the red rope around her neck as holding her small embroidery shears?? Just a thought. Love her peaceful look.

    • Yes, mickiemack, you are so right. I see it all now. Colors in bowl same as in her work. Gee, it has been long time since I used a hoop. LOL

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