Quilting Seasons-Open Line Friday

Hand Sewing, Sulky Thread

Good Morning, Quilters!

It is indeed a good morning in Minnesota!

I always say…there are just three seasons in Minnesota–Beautiful Summer, Gorgeous Fall and Quilting Season!  Winter is very long here–it completely over takes Spring…

We are finally in Beautiful Summer…and I find my quilting habits change.  I’m always restless for something new…

Good news!  All Craftsy classes are on Sale until Monday!!!

Great time to try something new!

May I recommend anything by Kimberley Einmo, Kelly Ashton, Donna Lynn Thomas, Jackie Kunkel, Ann Petersen, Christina Cameli, Jacquie Gering, Barb Eikmeier

Also, I am currently enjoying two classes:  Cook More, Weigh Less by Allison Task (I just made her delicious chimichurri sauce–low cal and fabulous!!!)  and Creative iPhoneography with Holly Jansen.

I love to watch videos while I stitch!

Craftsy Sale


I try to have more portable projects during Beautiful Summer.  I love to have a little hand sewing ready to stitch as I sit on the porch or for long car rides.

(My sisters and I laugh that when we travel we always pack our sewing first…clothes are a second thought!)

Hand Sewing, Sulky Thread

I quickly cut out a few simple shapes and grabbed some Sulky embroidery thread. (I LOVE embroidery thread on a spool-no more knotted skeins–brilliant!)

Not sure where this is going just yet…

I buy my Sulky thread at my local quilt store, Bear Patch Quilting or from Sulky.com

Hand Sewing, Sulky Thread

What about YOU?

Does your quilting change with the seasons?

Do YOU have a favorite Craftsy class to recommend?

Are you still MOVING MORE?

Hand Sewing, Sulky Thread

We’d LOVE to hear!

Storing up Vitamin D here in Minnesota,


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23 thoughts on “Quilting Seasons-Open Line Friday

  1. Morning everyone,
    I’ve just “power walked” a mile at a nearby track at the lake that is loaded with wildlife of all kinds, even dedicated folks! Ha Ha. These folks are only “Morning, Hello, & Tough Today” acquaintances but an absence is noted. Anyway, our summer is in full swing in Knoxville, TN & with school over tourists are swarming because Burt Reynolds is here filming “DOG YEARS” & needs “extras.” Gosh he is olddddd!

    I’ve been having a dreadful time trying to get back into quilting & embroidery after radiation & am moving all the maple cabinets from my quilt studio to be replaced with white shelving. The brown colour & I are no longer compatible or inspirational.

    Lori, Do you have those giant mosquitoes that we had in North Dakota? They hurt so when they bit & could carry away a small child (joke).

    • No mosquitoes–yet! Glad to hear you are enjoying a morning walk before the heat intensifies! Didn’t realize you had radiation. Quilting will wait–and I imagine it will hit you like a SuperBug once you are ready!

    • Your post struck so many notes with me this morn… but this blog is for our sewing activities… I will say that I just want to sew and not have medical issues any more..appreciate any extra prayers from anyone.
      Our family just moved close to us after 16 years in Sev-PigeonForge-Knox areas. Granddaughter, age 18, learned to make a quilt while up there and she is into photo now and drawing buildings in blackNwhite for notecards which are going into a gift shop. I print them up. It is so exciting, seeing and sharing in her progress. I am setting aside all my B & W fabrics for her. LOL..That day will come. She rides her bicycle to go to sketching locations and cooks, eats very healthy So blessed to see healthy direction of the next generation. Her 8 year old brother is asking
      me now to sew a backpack carrier for his new stuffed bear for when his dad takes him to Mt. Le Conte in a few weeks !! I think it will need a border of FMQ stars.

  2. Good morning……my best to you, Loose Cannons!

    I really like taking Edyta Sitars classes. She takes me step by step with clear instructions. I’m currently working on a Jinny a Beyer Lotus quilt for my daughter and I’ve never made the dreaded “y” seam. Today is the day to set in the triangles. Wish me luck.

  3. I would love to figure out how to machine piece on the deck instead of hibernating in the basement studio. But it is a blessing when it gets beastly hot. And, yes, mosquito season has arrived. Good thing I have some “ballast” or they would carry me away.

  4. Hi Lori

    I also like Ann Peterson and am enrolled in her “Quilting Big Projects on a small machine” and “Big Quilts Better Results” and have learnt a lot. Cindy Needham is also very good. There are quite a few others. I have learnt something different from each. I haven’t been on holiday for 32 years but I do take a small project if I’m going to the hospital or doctors by myself sometimes even to the Vet if one of my fur babies is in for surgery as I never leave them and wait for them there. Lori I have two of your classes in my wishlist. Which of the two do you recommend I start with and a very novice quilter? Oh and by the way, you might want to let the Craftsy platform know that “you” can’t be searched. Whenever I write Lori Kennedy nothing comes up, if I write Kennedy then one class from another person comes up. Weird huh? 😉 Let me know about your classes please Lori, thank you. Hugs, Conchita xoxox

  5. I am moving more! I have been getting on the treadmill a bit each day. I like to watch a Netflix show while I walk because it passes the time so quickly! I try to tell myself…One show on the treadmill earns me one hour in my sewing room! I have also been learning to EPP these last few months. I feel bad always being in my sewing room so hand stitching allows me to still have my hands on fabric and hang out and watch movies with my hubby! I am currently watching Craftsy class Quick and Easy English Paper Piecing with Helen Stubbings. I like it a lot. She is a good teacher and I love her accent!
    Next month I am attending a 3 day retreat at the Vintage Spool with Verna Mosquera. There I will learn to hand applique and I am SO excited!

    Thank you Lori! You are great inspiration and I always look forward to your posts and classes and everything!

    • Hi Nance, OMG Verna Mosquera I love her! She has the prettiest shabby chic taste in her quilts. I found her online by accident one day because she has the same surname as me, my name is Conchita “Mosquera” and there aren’t that many of us and I was immediately drawn to her and then to find out that she quilts and how lovely her work is, it was a sign ha ha. I have quite a lot of her patterns and her latest book. So beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful time!!! Feeling really jealous here in Spain and so far away. Enjoy!!!!! 🙂

      • Thank you! That is not a common name at all! How funny when things like that happen! She does have beautiful patterns. I found her at a quilt show they have here in CA every year and found that I am lucky enough to only live a couple of hours away from her Vintage Spool!

      • Yes Nance you are lucky and good for you to take advantage of it. My dream is to one day afford to go to Julian California and “move” into Eleanor Burn’s house. She knows I want to go but she doesn’t know I plan on moving in with her. Have a great time with Verna, tell her a distance cousin sends her big hugs and is a great fan, LOL 😉

  6. Quilting tends to take a backseat in the summer. Although my children are now 12 and 14, I try not to spend all day in my sewing room while they are home for the summer. If I do, you know they’ll spend their entire day playing on their iPods. I teach EPP year round, but also tend to let that slip during the summer. Car trips to the grandparents’ are the exception. Repetitive scenery requires the distraction of sewing.

    I finished 2 quilts this week, and am itching to start about 6 more. Instead, I”m hoping to forge ahead and finish a couple more soon. If we weren’t heading out to camp in the heat this weekend, I’d definitely be sewing.

  7. My prayers are with you loosecannon2. Been six years cancer free, so chin up and keep on moving. We are all with you along the way, your not alone, ever! “When it gets tough the tough get going”!

    Ya my quilting takes a back seat to gardens, yard work and walking. Love the sun shine and being outside for any reason. Save the indoor work for rainy days. SMILE.!!!!! and pass it on.

  8. Oddly, I’ve always ended up doing *more* machine quilting during the summer. Not quite sure why- up until 5 years ago I lived in a flat with no A/C. SE Wisconsin can get pretty hot and humid during the summer!

    Now that I do have central air, sitting under a quilt to MQ is much more pleasurable. Work slows for me in the summer, so I have more time to MQ the tops I’ve been working on all winter. Backwards, maybe, but it works for me.

    I’ve taken a class by Angela Waters, and love the way she builds confidence in MQ designs, showing how to combine motifs and move from one to another.

  9. My quilting always goes in streaks no matter what the season. I just quilted my grandson’s baby quilt during a 3 day retreat. It’s the only thing I worked on and I am so happy with the outcome. The top had been done and was waiting to be quilted for 8 months. All that is left is stitching down the binding, so it will be done for his first birthday on the 24th of this month. Lori, you will be happy to know I doodled my little heart out to figure out my designs and to get them into my brain before stitching them onto my practice piece and then onto the quilt.
    One of my favorite Craftsy classes is not a quilting class. It was a free class – Complete Knife Skills by Brenden McDermott. Makes chopping those healthy fresh veggies so much easier!

    • Living in northwest Florida, we have three seasons. Spring, summer, and late summer. Now we are in summer, and I move out into the yard work early in morning, then later to swim, swim, and swim. This is my favorite, then zumba type exercise.
      Question: how do you watch the videos while sewing?
      I do love the craftsy classes (inside during our rains) including yours!

      Loose cannon, our prayers and thoughts are with you everyday!

    • Great to hear you are doodling! Did you notice a difference in your quilting? Please endorse doodling to the rest of the group!

      Thanks for the Craftsy recommendation! I haven’t watched that one–and we all love FREE!!!

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