14 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Oh…..Oh…. Oh…so exquisite a photo and so very gorgeous… The Son is shining today and forever! Thank you…

  2. Gorgeous….love the colour……ya l agree….wall quilt for sure.
    I’m in just take us step by step like you do with the FMQ.

  3. I was just out watering my flowers. It is supposed to get to 95 today. My poppy would have a fat bumblebee busily at work in the middle. They always make me feel like a lazy slug. Maybe yours has flown away, or it hasn’t arrived yet. Ah, summer…. doesn’t it feel good?

    • It got to 95 here in south GA earlier.. and 98 yesterday. In late afternoon that storm swept thru and gave us 3.75 inches of rain in half an hour. My flowers and shrubs perked up. Our peony isn’t old enough to have flowers yet and the new poppy was hiding who knows where during Spring planting time! I had a great time walking the acre yard and picking up pine tree bark and small twigs in the cool aftermath of the storm. I see on TV it is sweeping up the East coast. Blessings to all the farms which need the rain. Local ones did.

  4. Sorry, Lori … did I drop you in the soup? Several others also think this picture would make a lovely art quilt. I know your time is pretty much taken up, but you’re not doing anything much between 2 and 4 a.m. are you? ?

  5. Gorgeous. I just made a Sweet Tooth blocks with these shades of yellow and orange. I made the block before I saw your photo. What a coincidence.

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