Doodling Stars

Doodling, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters and Doodlers!

Our Tuesday Machine Quilting Tutorial was Building Blocks--a great background motif with the flexibility to add a wide variety of motifs within the blocks to create more interest.

One of my favorite add-ons is The Star.  


I love stars!

Stars work on so many quilts-from Traditional to Modern, Baby to Adult, Patriotic Quilts, Halloween Quilts…

I can’t think of quilt that couldn’t use a star!

The only problem….stars are challenging to free hand…

Well–they were until now!  Now we have a doodle lesson to the rescue!

The trick is…

Draw the stars in a square until you develop the muscle memory to work outside the box!


Begin by drawing a square.  Don’t get out a ruler–we are going for a hand drawn look.  As soon as you pull out a ruler–you won’t be having fun.  Perfection is not our goal…just pretty good will be fine!

Approximately 1/3 from the top line, begin drawing a horizontal line, a triangle and another horizontal line.

Easy!  Everyone can do this!

Doodling, Lori Kennedy

Next, angle down toward the middle of the square.

Doodling, Lori Kennedy

Draw a narrow triangle into the right lower corner.

Doodling, Lori Kennedy

Add another narrow triangle into the left lower corner.

Doodling, Lori Kennedy

Then close the star by connecting to left horizontal line.

Perfect!  Or not perfect!  Either way–it will look great!

No two stars are alike–but they still look fabulous!

Doodling, Lori Kennedy


Practice doodling the star several minutes at a time over the next few weeks.  Add it to the Building Blocks.

Later this month we will learn a more challenging pattern using Stars!

Flag quilt--Free Motion Quilting

Flag quilt--Free Motion Quilting

Perhaps an evening walk to inspire you and to help #losethosefatquarters?



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10 thoughts on “Doodling Stars

  1. I love your statement-“Perfection is not our goal—-just pretty good will be fine”. I can see that embroidered on a pillow! So often perfectionism is an impediment to our success.

  2. Lori, you are a genius! Doodling stars inside the box, then thinking (inside the) box when I was doodling stars really helped improve my wonky stars! I have been avoiding stars because they were too wonky, now I think I got it, thanks to you! XO!

  3. I just love your little quilts. I added this to my pinterest page with your address.
    You make things so much easier. Thanks Lori, your work is appreciated.

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