5 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Many moons ago I attended a watercolour workshop held at a waterlilies garden. There were sooo many different types and colours of waterlilies. At one point through the day, a great gray heron appeared in the shadows caused by the trees overhanging one of the ponds. He looked so decorative, and so fitting. I’d forgotten about this until your photo appeared today. Thanks, Lori, for the memory jogger.

  2. Your Silent Sunday photos never disappoint. I love the colours of this one and the feeling of tranquility.

  3. Someday you may be able to visit Gainesville, FL. There are the Kanapaha Gardens out west of the city but close by. They have those waterlilies with the lily pads that are 3 (three) feet in diameter… lovely and fascinating. I suppose they still have them…we saw them a few years ago. This lovely photo of yours is a memory jogger for me too. Our oldest grandson was only about age 2 when we went there. At home, I made a digital picture of him sitting on one of the lily pads…photo shop….He will be 25 soon and has found a wonderful woman and is so happy. Thus the photo of yours today spells Hope and Joy for the future to me. Thank you…

  4. I really appreciate your eye for photography. Maybe you should teach that at Craftsy as well. You’re one very multi-talented lady.

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