Sewing Notions and a Winner!


Vintage Sewing Notions, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters and Health-Conscious (Health-Conscience?, LOL) Fitness Buffs!

Did you sew or exercise more this week?

Did you accomplish your exercise goal?

What about your nutrition goal?


If you are having trouble finding time to exercise, you might like this Weight Watchers article.

I am working on the #NoExcuses Rule…which is Exercise FIRST-before laundry, before blogging, before sewing…consequently, I never blogged yesterday–but I did get my 10,000 steps –the last 3000 were a late evening walk with the DH and the dogs!

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THE WINNER of The Notions Quilt

Congratulations!  The Winner this week is:

MaryAnn (dmwolf@new…..)  Please send your address to my email: and I will pop the quilt in the mail to you.



As Memorial Day weekend approaches, it is easier to get outside and be active…but it’s also easier to go nuts on potato salad and pies…

Make a goal and a plan!

Bring your own appetizers!


Happy, Healthy Quilting!


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6 thoughts on “Sewing Notions and a Winner!

  1. At this point my goal is just 6000 steps but I did get them in yesterday. I was so happy when the “alert” popped up. I also found a local church that has an indoor walking track (it gets so hot here in the summer in Alabama) So I signed up to use their facility.

  2. Congratulations to the winner this week! …of the little quilt! We are all winners when we never give up on our fitness plans.

  3. Lori, love what you’re doing! I’m an RN and have launched and directed a community wellness program in my past career life for our health care system. One of the things I would tell our participants was to start your day with exercise. Every day. Before “life” gets in the way. That was about 15 years ago, and I still exercise 6 days a week, in the morning, before I start work. I lift at the gym (one of the healthiest things women can do to increase muscle mass to boost your metabolism, and to keep your bones strong), and walk 2 miles in the hills every morning the other 3 days a week. If I exercise in the morning, I can then have a “zero guilt quilting day”! Keep up the good work. So happy to see quilters getting up and exercising!

  4. Thank so much for this challenge! I had surgery and am still recovering, so I have not returned to my “normal” routine yet, but I am watching my food intake and it’s showing on the scale! I work for Weight Watchers, and their article is worth the read. Today, I take my grandson to the park BEFORE my shower, so I can get sweaty and grubby and look forward to having a play date!

  5. The reminders keeps me on the path to exercise every day and do it in the morning or the day just passes by before I know it. Thanks Lori.

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