WIN a Quilt! Challenge

Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters and Fitness Buffs!

How are YOU today?  Did YOU have a good week?

More fruits and veggies anyone?

A few long walks?

Did you reward yourself with a little quilting time?  Or perhaps you bought yourself a few Fat Quarters (I did!)…

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Last week’s challenge was to keep up the moving goals… and add a nutrition goal.

I think I jinxed myself by saying I didn’t have a sweet tooth!  It seemed that’s all I craved this week.  Fortunately, I found mangoes were the perfect solution…(though I still haven’t found a good way to cut them– found myself gnawing at the pith--not dignified!)

To enter the challenge…

Tell us what worked for you or what didn’t work for you this week.

Share a link or a story or…just tell us what you are doing to become a #FitQuilter!

Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Please leave the comments on this post by tomorrow at noon CST.

The winner will be announced on Thursday…and the prize–GOOD HEALTH and The Notions Mini-Quilt!

Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

What worked for me–12,000 steps every day!

What didn’t…Fast food dinners twice this week! (not worth it!)

What about YOU?  We’d love to hear!


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102 thoughts on “WIN a Quilt! Challenge

  1. I added eating a salad before dinner to fill up on healthy greens first. It’s been quite a while since I’ve eaten salads and I’d forgotten how good they are.

  2. I had mixed success. I got to the gym and yoga class and I ate more veggies and fruit, but rain all weekend long kept me from getting my walks in. Not to mention what it did to my mood. It’s sunny today. Hooray! I expect to get a long walk in after my guild meeting this morning. That mini quilt is adorable!

  3. Working out first thing in the morning and having a glass of water nearby so as not to instantly grab a treat.

  4. This past week I did 8 hours of fitness classes at the YMCA with 2 of my quilter friends. I like to workout in the morning to get energized for the day. And having friends there makes it more fun. I had lots of laundry to do last week and with my sewing room 2 floors away from my laundry room, I got lots of stair climbing in. Now if I could just avoid chocolate.

  5. I’ve started wearing my FitBit again so I’ve been encouraged to reach at least 10,000 steps every day & I did it most every day! 🙂 Continuing my challenge to limit my amount of sweets; & I did say challenge! Onward!

  6. When my husband comes home early and we go hiking – happened twice last week and the weather was beautiful… It’s perfect on my days off to sew all morning then get up and move after a healthy lunch. Your notions quilt is lovely

  7. I’ve had a pretty good week! I’ve been walking and making my 10000 steps per day! It helps that I’m home in Michigan visiting my sister. Thanks for the inspiration

  8. I have introduced salads to our evening meals. With an acre of lawn to mow, and the grass being the only thing that has grown up here during the long, cold, wet spring of the Maritimes, I’ve gotten plenty of exercise trying to get it all mowed before it became knee high. I’ve been working on sampler blocks that I made in 2008 and tucked away for a rainy day. Since all its done up here is rain, seemed like the perfect opportunity to dig them out from the bottom of the closet and put them together.

  9. Diabetes runs in my family and lately my A1C was running in the pre diabetes category. I gave up my daily 2 glasses of wine, lowered my carb intake, and over the last 12 weeks I am down 11 pounds. Trying to increase my exercise, but 10 hours of work a day seems to get in the way. Once I can incorporate more exercise I should be able to stave off that disease. I also love your quilting.

    • Hi Carla, my A1C is 6.1. Which is up from 5.7. My mother and her entire family (10 children) had diabetes. My dad had diabetes (we think it was from treatment for prostate cancer, since there is no diabetes in his family, he wasn’t overweight, and he was basically healthy all of his life. I am retired, so I don’t have the 10 hours of work like I used to, but I did low carb back then and lost 40 pounds. I kept it off until my son died in 2006. Then I guess I just didn’t care any more. I did settle into a regular weight until last summer when I started on a new medication. I’ve gained 15 pounds, and my clothes don’t fit. Now I care again. I am doing Atkins prepared meals (because it is easy to make for one person), but with three grandchildren nearby and both of my daughters locally, I sometimes have a family meal for all of them. At the moment, I’m doing an Atkins meal while they eat the meal I prepare for them (if it doesn’t meet my low carb criteria). Diabetes is a slow killer. You are doing the right thing to address it. It takes its toll over time, and we will suffer the consequences years later if we don’t take action now. Good luck. Thanks for your post.

  10. I am also trying to increase steps, I have a sit down job 4 days of the week so it is tricky, but I was able to increase over my goal for 4 of the days, hitting 2 days over 10,000. Also in our house we have taken starch out of dinner and added an additional vegetable. On friday, when I was able to work on a large quilt I would get up every 1/2 hour and do a “jaunt” around the house for extra steps and blood flow!

  11. Was not able to exercise like I like to last week: a13 hour car trip on Monday, cleaning the house for company and then not feeling well limited my walks and yoga. I did manage to eat foods good for my body. Getting ready to go for a walk after breakfast today. Will go backpacking later this week if I feel up to it.

  12. My dear husband had a great way to help me this week. He took off Friday, and we replaced our entire deck (24′ x 14′)?!!! I was so tired and sore, I did not even think about food!!! Since we live in FL, there was literally a lot of sweat equity with the temps in the 90s. Today I will try to get in my 10,000 steps, and a little of hand quilting.


    • Karen, our deck is available too !! Husband is currently recovering from broken leg bone in ankle and is in wheelchair for 6 more weeks.. Then he will be in PT. Our deck is same size as yours and 3 boards are curling up with others threatening. LOL Maybe it will get done in the Autumn. Used to live in FL…. Spring, Summer, and Autumn sort of slid in and out after the 3 days of Winter. I hope you get great enjoyment from your new deck! Feeding my husband healthy veg/fruit meals has helped me eat better instead of a snack meal grabbed to get back to sewing asap.

  13. Lori – I’ve been on a healthy eating plan since January, this was around the time I discovered your wonderful website and class. This LOSE THE FAT QUARTERS CHALLENGE came at the best possible time, as I was starting to slip in my dieting/fitness routine (actually, the boat was leaving the harbor and I wasn’t on it!). Thank you, thank you, thank you! This week to stay on track, I went back to watching the portion sizes–wow, that really does makes a difference! Who would of thought!! Thanks again, and everyone keep up the good work.

  14. I have found that Halo oranges – the tiny sweet oranges with thin skins – help with the sweets craving. I spend a whole lot of time driving for my job and get snacky bored. I peel three or four of the little oranges in the morning and put them in a plastic bag in my insulated lunch bag. When I get the urge to stop for a doughnut I eat pieces of the oranges instead. Low calorie and great for vitamin C.

  15. I have an open concept home so the kitchen is always in view so I find getting out of the house for the yardwork or even to the sewing room keeps the food off my mind. If it continues I head for the water. Plain or flavoured (no sugar or artificial sweetners)helps with the cravings

    • I have a private theory that the open concept floor plans of the past few years are contributing to the obesity problem in the USA…IMHO LOL

  16. I did cut my eating in between. So I have two 6 hours breaks between meals. Was really not easy to do and I realized how much I am used to just put something into my mouth when I walk into the kitchen. Eating is fun but sewing too, lol!

  17. i am motivated to get more fit feeling old lately and know that exercising outside by taking 3 mile walks and 10 – 12 mi bike rides helps me feel better about myself. I also ate healthier when we went out. A salad instead of the fish n chips I wanted. My biggest motivation though right now is my daughter’s wedding coming up this Saturday. I sure would love to live to see a grand child or two.

  18. I really worked hard this past week to increase my water intake. I average 10,000 steps a day most weeks but I’m having some low blood pressure issues (lightheadedness) and my doc reminded me that I need to be drinking a lot more water. So I’ve been keeping a large tumbler of water next to my sewing machine and sipping on it between stitches.

  19. To get more steps in each day I have moved my ironing board from my sewing room (which is at the top of our three story house) to one floor down. Now when I spend time sewing I can also spend time getting a little fitter by climbing extra steps each time I need to iron a block.

  20. This past week, we did better here eating in and preparing food ourselves. We eat too much fast, semi fast, carry in, prepared etc. A day off from elder duties was freeing. Got to the sewing machine and churned out a few port pillows for folks undergoing chemo with ports for easy access. 2 are designated. The other 6 may go to church for ministerial staff to hand out as needed. They pad the seat belt which I am told can cause discomfort to port. Was good to sew a bit!

  21. I have another week before i see the surgeon for the 6 week check after my back surgery. Still some lingering pain. I am to start PT after the surgeon visit. So I will be able to add exercises two or three times a day back into my life. I am ever so sick of sitting around. I have done a lot of crochet of small items for Christmas gifts.
    Walking still makes my sciatic nerve hurt a lot so I am not doing that yet. I am getting up every hour to walk around the house and to do a few gentle stretches.

  22. Making better food choices – salads with dinners, skipping the bread and chips; rain is not working for me – interferes with my walking plan.

  23. Trying to have plenty of fruit on hand for when craving hits. Need to work on moving more, my pedometer isn’t working right. Fitbit is on my wish list.

  24. I have a sit down day job and I had meetings three nights last week, so I didn’t do too well on the steps goal. But the good news is, last week is behind me and I can try again this week! I did have a salad with most dinners, so that is good for the nutrition goal. Your notions quilt is so cute! You are so talented. Question: how long would you say it took you to get really proficient at FMQ?

  25. What worked: I wrote down most of what I ate this week. What didn’t: an unexpected dinner out and a brunch buffet. I think I’m getting a fitbit for my upcoming birthday, so that should work, too.

  26. I should have been outside more, we had perfect weather this weekend. But I’m working on two graduation quilts and I’m feeling the pressure to get them done. But now that the kids are out of school, my goal this week is to add a walk on our biking trail at least 3 days this week, and to walk at least 2 miles each time. My nutrition goal is to try to cut processed stuff from my diet as much as possible. That is always a struggle, because sometimes it’s just easier to fix a Hamburger Helper. That’s what I need to keep track of, how much processed stuff I eat. So that’s goal number two for me. Thanks so much for the inspiration to be a healthy quilter! 🙂

  27. I was challenged to get in 10,000 steps but managed to exceed my goal 4 days last week despite rainy weather! I am also trying to reach for fruit or vegetables when I crave sweets.

  28. I shopped at our local Farmers Market for fresh produce. Was really much easier to eat fresh veggies as the color and taste is so much more robust. At work, I have found 4 walking partners to walk each day after work hours. Helps me to have the accountability that I need to accomplish my steps.

  29. Gotta keep moving! When that sweet craving hits, I did a little more walking. Much healthier!

    • Caroline, it’s the oposite for me, if we got together we’d be in great shape! What to do what to do?

  30. Working on my son’s graduation tshirt quilt, I actually got some quilting in! Yay! But, every morning I’ve been exercising. Some days it’s only 15 minutes, some days it’s closer to an hour. I pre packaged smoothie ingredients so I can have a green smoothie every morning. It’s nice to just dump it in, not have to prep every day.

  31. I’m inspired by all the comments indicating they do 10000 steps a day. As I write I have my Fitbit charging so I can start tracking my steps again. I may not be able to do 10000, but I will try to increase the count every day. Thanks to all for the inspiration.

  32. Some traveling meant ,less walking. I did, however, spend time building a garden bed with rocks-so I got plenty of exercise. I did not add any additional veggies. I always eat them at dinner, sometimes at lunch. I did not complete the goals, but I am at least mindful of them. Yesterday I walked to the library and back, so I got in over 11, 000 steps. This week is very busy, but I’m going to keep trying – going to take the dog for a walk now!

  33. Went on a road trip with lots of eating out and sitting in the car…must reform how I approach these trips this summer, lol. Enough said.

  34. Glass of water first thing in the morning. More moving and walking. Aware of what I am eating and making better choices. Have more energy!

  35. What I’m doing to become a more healthy quilter is moving toward a whole food, plant- based diet. Reading The China Study by Dr. Colin Campbell has convinced me that good nutrition and MOVING more is the best way to avoid overweight and prevent life-threatening disease.

  36. I was better and added more fresh fruit and veg to our meals. That is so much easier this time of the year. I got a lot of hand work done this week and am still able to make myself get up and move more often. We have had a lot of rain so It is hard to fit in outside walking.

  37. Walking my path around the pond BEFORE! sitting down to quilt worked, but eating ice cream for dessert, even in a smaller portion, didn’t. I admit, I have a sweet tooth!

  38. I started working with a dietician several weeks ago and she turned me onto the My Fitness Pal app. I have been religiously filling it in after each meal, and this week I began looking at it before dinner to hone in on what nutrients I needed to complete my daily goals. The accountability really has helped. Last week I also increased my workouts from a daily routine of swimming laps 1 hour, to 1 hour of land/strength training and then 1 hour of laps twice a week.My feet and joints have all sorts of issues, but I shoot for a minimum calorie burn of 600 daily in the pool and I am happy with that.

  39. I didn’t get to the gym, nor go for any long walks, but I was sure exhausted every day with gardening and other household projects. Could barely make it to 9pm, before I fell asleep. Had a salad with dinner every night, yogurt for lunch, granola for breakfast and drank plenty of water, so I think it was a healthy eating week. Have two gym workouts scheduled this week and more gardening work. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll have any time for quilting this week, but I’m anxious to try Leah Day’s “thighmaster” approach of using the sewing machine foot peddle as a thighmaster vs pressing it via our feet. Can’t hurt and maybe it will help my thighs.


  40. besides going to the gym, I have started walking. Really helps to get all the kinks out and burn more calories. I am also redoing my eating plan

  41. I did manage to do more than 10,000 steps several days last week and had fish for dinner three times but I’m finding it difficult to loose any weight…

  42. I was diagnosed with breast cancer about a year ago, and immediately made some changes for a more healthy lifestyle. But after completing a month of radiation, I admit I might have fallen off the wagon. I’ve committed to going to the gym 5-6 days a week, doing a minimum of five miles a day alternating in some light weights. I’ve added more fruits and veggies to my diet. If I need a snack, I try to have red fruit or non-fat whipped yogurt. Unfortunately ice cream is my comfort food when I have a bad day..

    • We have weakness for ice cream in our family. My husband and I have changed from eating it late at night to having it after lunch because we will still have half day to be active. We also changed to smaller bowls ! My A1c is always in 5.- range.We are beating prostate cancer and lymphoma and heart issues. Thank you Lord.

  43. My husband and I made the decision to change to a more plant based diet along with smaller portions. In a couple of weeks he’s lost about 12lbs and I’m down 8lbs. I still have sugar cravings but they are less often.

  44. Thank you so much Lori for holding this challenge – you are such a motivator! I would love to win your adorable mini quilt. What worked for me this week was thinking about your challenge when I had trouble getting out the door to exercise or when I was craving sweets. I walked briskly for 45-60 minutes 6 days this week, thanks to this challenge!! I have been eating sweets in moderation (which is a big step for me) and will continue to cut down. Thanks again Lori for this challenge – just when I needed it!!

    By the way, I wondered if there is somewhere we are supposed to post our completed Sailboat Samplers? I put it on Craftsy under the Doodle to Design class…


  45. Hi Lori, As always, I so enjoy reading your blog and receiving your emails… as they are so inspirational! What is amazing, is that people are connecting, and as statistics go, if we we can change one thing to get us back on the road to a less obese society, then I say you RULE! Thank you for giving us the challenge and for your heartfelt encouragement! I have been on a healthy path since 2014 as I realized that with age, comes the price of a slowing of metabolism! I had gained 20Ibs., and had menopause hit, when I realized I am the one that can make the changes and now one else! I am not perfect at this, but I have become healthier and stronger, and have started new challenges, such learning to rock climb, in my 50’s! The thing that keeps me going, is the positive attitude, which is why I love reading your column! It is very encouraging and motivating. I have increased my time on my myself, as opposed to being last on the list of when I get a minute! Always make time to take care of the number one priority: YOU! I look forward to what ever you have for us in the future!!! 🙂

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