WIN a Quilt! Challenge

Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters and Fitness Buffs!

How are YOU today?  Did YOU have a good week?

More fruits and veggies anyone?

A few long walks?

Did you reward yourself with a little quilting time?  Or perhaps you bought yourself a few Fat Quarters (I did!)…

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Last week’s challenge was to keep up the moving goals… and add a nutrition goal.

I think I jinxed myself by saying I didn’t have a sweet tooth!  It seemed that’s all I craved this week.  Fortunately, I found mangoes were the perfect solution…(though I still haven’t found a good way to cut them– found myself gnawing at the pith--not dignified!)

To enter the challenge…

Tell us what worked for you or what didn’t work for you this week.

Share a link or a story or…just tell us what you are doing to become a #FitQuilter!

Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Please leave the comments on this post by tomorrow at noon CST.

The winner will be announced on Thursday…and the prize–GOOD HEALTH and The Notions Mini-Quilt!

Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

What worked for me–12,000 steps every day!

What didn’t…Fast food dinners twice this week! (not worth it!)

What about YOU?  We’d love to hear!


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102 thoughts on “WIN a Quilt! Challenge

  1. First, thank you for “The Inbox Jaunt.” I don’t remember how I happened upon it, but I’m so glad I did. I look forward to seeing your emails that encourage me to keep moving. One of the most difficult things to do while making quilts is to take the time to move.

    What is working: I started walking. Also, I invested in a Fitbit to help me keep moving.

    Second, since I normally have my meals alone, I am eating the Atkins frozen meals. They are actually cheaper than buying all the ingredients to create the same meal. My grandchildren (and my children) are local, so I sometimes have them over for a meal When I do, if the meal I cooked is not carb friendly, I just eat an Atkins.

    What didn’t work for me? So far, what I’m doing is working. Now if I can just get back to the sewing machine…

  2. I did pretty well, the step thing is not working to well for me right now. I’m not including them in with the tread mill. 8,000 is as high as I got and that was only one day. I’m having more energy though and so I’m cleaning and rearranging my sewing room and I think that counts for me. At least I’m up and moving. I’m doing real well with the elimination of sugar in my diet. Testing recipes for flavor and nutrition throughout the week and sharing the tasty one on Mondays. This is a great mental lift and outlook for me too. I’m so glad you have started this Lori.

  3. I starting *hooping* about a month ago! I love it!! It’s just like hula hooping from when you were a child except it’s on an adult level with weighted hoops! It is a fun and substantial workout! Try it! 😀 Ann in NC

      • I go to hooping classes and it is fun…once you have the basics down you learn to turn, step and other tricks. See Dianna Love u-tubes….she has great tutorials in slow motion. I aspire to put a routine for a song together, but am not there yet.

  4. I walked every day this week! The biggest achievement was making the decision before I arrived at the restaurant, that I would have oatmeal w/skim milk and a tablespoon of raisins rather than pancakes, french toast or other standard breakfast fare. As it was, my serving size was large enough for at least two people and I walked away leaving 1/2 in the bowl. It was a no regrets breakfast!

  5. I am doing well on eating better. Something I’ve tried to do but my husband and children were not on board until now. So much easier when the whole family ways the same!
    I am still doing better on my fitness goal, although as the school year comes to a close, i am finding making the time to do it is getting harder. I want to be healthy so i am making it happen! Just less time for quilting. …

  6. I am walking almost every day. Even when I am babysitting, I will take my 4 and 6 year old grandkids on an hour walk! I have adopted a “No Excuses” attitude. Not doing as well in the fruits and veggies department as I had hoped. Your blog helps to keep me focused on the prize…better health.

  7. What’s working for me is getting 10,000 steps every day – I’m on a 37-day streak – and having a better variety of fruit on hand. I’m hoping to step it up to 12,000 a day this week.
    What’s not working is letting myself slip up and eat ice cream and chocolate chips because I didn’t want to get started on a project that needed to be done. I’ve got to stop letting food be the distraction when I have a task that I don’t like doing.

  8. I have been moving more this week and am concentrating on adding more fruits and vegetables to my diet.

  9. I’ve learned that the more veggies I eat, the more I lose. Plus, I feel so much better. I’m also walking approximately 8,000 steps per day. Making progress slowly but surely.

  10. With this great weather, I’ve been trying to get my husband to walk with me. We walked 4 miles Tues at a state park (beautiful!), and for about 2.5 hours yesterday along several lakes….trying to learn to be ‘bird watchers’…We also went to the health club twice! Pretty good week.

  11. I got my husband to walk farther with me than he ever has. It’s nice to have someone to walk with. My last shopping trip I came home with lots more fruits and veggies. I am still struggling with my sweet tooth though. I cannot drink my coffee or tea without making it sweet. I just don’t like any of the sugar substitutes out there, including stevia. Maybe someone has a suggestion on how to give up the sugar?? BTW – I am so glad you are coming out with a book. I look forward to its publication.

    • Dianna…you just do it! It will taste terrible for the first week but then you will get used to it. I haven’t had sugar in my coffee/tea in years…If I mistakenly get coffee with sugar I can immediately tell how sicky sweet it is.

    • I agree with Lorraine. It is hard at first but if you keep at it, you will get used to it and sweetened coffee will actually not taste as good. Hang in there.

  12. I was so pumped but I took on too much. My steps are up and 30 minutes + quilting easy and fun as I added music and dancing to any good songs while quilting. I ate more snacks and less greens that I hoped but I am more aware of my joyful moments and that’s a wonderful thing!

  13. I like to ride my bike to gym…gets me outside and checks off the cardio.
    What didn’t work: we were out of town, so eating out every meal adds up to lots of extra calories. Thanks for sharing all you do…love your blog!

  14. I walked or did a video workout 6 days! Trying to eat more fruits and veggies. Avoiding sugar by refusing to bake anything!

  15. Mangos – don’t try to peel. Slice into them as close as possible to the stone in centre on each side. You should then have 2 fat “cheeks” sliced off. You can eat them by gently scooping out with a spoon if mango is very ripe, or score them in rows 1/2″ apart then score again at a 90 degree angle. (don’t pierce the skin) Push on the skin so the insides pop up – like an umbrella in a windstorm. You should then be able to scrape off cubes of mango from the skin. Hope this makes sense.

    • Brilliant! Don’t peel. That’s my first mistake! LOLregarding “the cheeks!”

    • Thanks for the mango lesson! I bought my first one recently and had a juicy mess with trying to peel! I’m trying to walk on the weekends when it doesn’t rain–so far 1 1/2 miles two or three days. I’m also enjoying all the fresh fruits and veggies available this time of year.

  16. What worked for me is planning my lunch meals ahead. I buy my salad fixings, vegetables and fruit, cottage cheese and chicken on Sunday and make 5 salads, 5 containers of cottage cheese, and grab them and fruit each morning through the week. I also freeze my water bottles 1/2 full of unsweet green tea at night and fill it the rest of the way in the morning. I have multiple bottles and take 2 each day. I drink nothing but water and the green tea during the day with a glass of skim milk with a light, healthy dinner.
    What doesn’t work is trying to eat healthy while traveling for work. I have to step it up on the exercise while traveling.
    I am looking forward to retirement in the near future so I can spend much more time quilting. I love your posts.

  17. What worked: taking a healthy lunch to work, eating a small snack a half hour before leaving work so I don’t demolish a bag of cookies when I get home, quilting after supper, because I don’t eat when working with fibers, drank more water. What didn’t work: rain every afternoon so no walks, a graduation (in the rain!), and cake at the graduation party. But I did eat raw veggies first!

  18. I went with one goal which was no potato chips because they are a weakness I’ve done well so far and hope to keep with it. Went for a hike this weekend and also did some gardening.

  19. I love that you are focusing on fitness for quilters! It seems all of my favorite activities involve sitting–quilting, computers & playing the harp. I got a Fitbit & love that I am more aware of how many steps I am taking. I also moved my iron from my studio out to the great room. It makes me take twice as many steps to iron.

  20. What worked today…went to exercise class and stayed for chair yoga so 2 hrs of aerobics and stretching. What didn’t work…no exercise last weekend but lots of quilting.

  21. Still walking 4 miles everyday. Constrainting on what l eat and how much. Increased the vegetables, even eating them for breakfast. Making sure l eat a protein at each meal so l stay full longer. Going to stop eating bread for awhile. If l grave something sweet l have been eating dates(just two) takes the caving away.
    Didn’t keep up with the aerobics because of all the gardening and renovations. That all done for now so my goal is to get back to the aerobics.

    Dianna, try some unpasteurized honey in your tea or coffee, nature’s sweetened and it’s good for you.

  22. I use a smaller dinner plate and have no second servings. We don’t have dessert as a general rule so that hasn’t been a problem. I also walk the dog after dinner every night. Must be working because no heartburn for me at bedtime anymore.

  23. Finding fun ways to exercise, like kayaking and yoga, plus eating fresh, healthy meals and lots of walking – lost 6 lbs in 2 weeks.

  24. My resolve to quit caffeine and have less sugar is working. I quilt instead of climbing the walls! Actually binding is the stage my work was at this past week. Sitting to bind was rest periods from walking. We had 4 days of rain/muddy road. Household chores interspersed with binding kept me active each day. I did learn a valuable lesson. Our grandson’s birthday cake was ice cream with a frosting. I couldn’t sleep later due to pain in digestive system..I think the frosting was made with a white fat I never have. I walked some in the house with arms raised during that long night. By 3 am eating a little unsweetened apple sauce and more walking relieved that pain and I did sleep.
    I am beginning to be alert without the morning coffee, although after 2 weeks, I am getting tired of plain water. Helps to use crushed ice in it. I am thankful for this challenge. My blood sugar was under control but it will be even better now. I finished the quilt I was binding and presented it to granddaughter who just graduated high
    school. She did me the honor of being so thrilled !

  25. I have been decluttering my house since my daughter moved out 2 weeks ago! It feels so good to get “stuff” out of my house–NOW, I need some sewing time!

  26. What worked for me was I realized if I wanted my dog to live a longer, happier, and fit life I needed to take responsibility and walk him. He is 10 years old and we have only walked sporadically through the year and I had really slacked off. After reading about the things that everyone is doing I knew I need to improve. My dog AJ and I walked together.
    I went to lunch with friends last week and today for my birthday. I had soup and salad each time and only ate two bites of the dessert. I’m determined that I need to improve my health as well. I’m a stand up quilter (longarm) so my sitting is a to a minimum.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  27. We have 1500 sq foot patch at our community garden site. My husband and I spent 4 hours each Sat & Sunday hauling compost from the far end of the field to our site, tilling it in and then planting assorted vegetables I had grown from seed. We also had lots of georgous spinach and asparagus to harvest. Sun morning we had a yummy fruit and spinace smoothy for breakfast.

  28. What worked for me this week is Kale salad. It is delicious and nutritious. I first tried the Kale salad from the deli section at Walmart. It is packed with fresh blueberries, cranberries, and pine nuts. Yum. Then I tired a Kale salad kit I bought at Aldi. Still yummy and much less expensive. My DH likes Kale salad too.

  29. Hi, Lori. What works for me is just about everything right now. I walk 1 1/2 hours every morning (have no idea how many steps that is) then I swim for about 1/2-3/4 hour rotating between swimming and water aerobics. Also, My husband is not bringing home very many sweets like he usually does, so temptation is not Lying around so much. As for sewing, I’m happily working on two interesting quilts, including one with hexagons, so I can sit on the porch and do handwork. So relaxing. The sun shines here every day, so it’s an inspiration to move. Hope the sun is shining on everyone!

  30. I moved more but it wasn’t a normal week for me. I worked on a large volunteer program and put in 23,000 steps in two days! I’m lucky if I get to 5,000 on a “normal” day. I’m doing well with eating more veggies and I love them. I’m joining my daughter with a fb exercise group she’s in, so that’s my plan for the next month. What didn’t work: I didn’t do my routine exercises because I had out of state company. Thanks so much, Lori, for hosting this; you’re giving me the incentive that I need. villagequilteratgmaildotcom

  31. Thank you for your blog. It is wonderful to have company on this journey to health. What worked, having soups in the freezer to take for lunch. What didn’t, wine with dinner out.

  32. What’s working for me this week is to get started early in the morning before I have a chance to start sitting and then don’t want to get up and do anything. I started out by walking early on Monday, then today(Tuesday) I went right out into the garden and finished up some planting I had started on Monday night. Oh, forgot to mentioned, I spent 3 hrs running the rototiller in the garden Monday night which should be easy, you just walk along side of it, but it was a lot of walking and lifting the machine at the end of the rows. I fell like I got a good workout from all of that.
    Is anyone else getting their exercise in the garden?

    As for eating, I am trying to watch my afternoon snacks. I have a weakness for chocolate(don’t we all). So I can find myself snacking on chocolate after chocolate all afternoon. I am setting out two pieces of dark chocolate and that is it for the afternoon. So far so good, but it is only Tuesday, got to keep up the good work.

    Thanks, Lori, for this great challenge. It is really helping me.

    • Yard work for 3+ hours this morning… At 7 AM it was 55′ here in south GA. Best time to work outside. Now to take Spouseman for doc check up. Then will walk an hour in Big Box store doing the shopping. I tried a recipe from FB last night, canned pineapple cake.. we are limiting ourselves to a 2 inch square serving.. can’t eat fresh pineapple due to rash. We sort of overdosed on apples and mandarins lately…restock on fruits today. Our daughter gave us one piece of marzipan coated with dark chocolate. We cut 1/4 inch slices from it. It should last a week ! LOL

  33. Thanks Lori for helping us out and leading us towards better choices. Especially with our movements, both in physical and our quilting designs, and food selections.
    I’ve been successful in drinking more water in my plan of getting 10,000 steps a day and a minimal of 5 to7 fruits and vegetables daily. When I’m hungry, I drink a glass of water first. Turns out I’m more thirsty than hungry more often than not.

  34. What worked for me was walking 15 minutes 3 times a day and cutting waaayyyyy back on carbs….what didn’t work was watching my skinny husband scarf down cherry turnovers…..I gave in and had 2. 🙁

  35. What didn’t work for me this week is I went for my annual physical last Thursday and received a shingles vaccine which resulted in a bad and progressive allergic reaction that I am still dealing with the effects of. I will slowly get back in the rat race.

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