What’s For Lunch? Open Line Friday


Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters, Health Nuts, and Fitness Pros!

What’s for Lunch, Mama Bird?

We all love to go those all day guild workshops where you learn a new technique, bond with other quilters, talk a lot, laugh a lot and…


Let’s face it–potluck lunches are the best!

(worst for the diet….)

On top of that-it’s Barbecue Season…Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July.

Every sunny weekend will bring a new food challenge.

Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Many diet experts recommend having a plan for these situations including bringing your own “safe food” to share.

Today…let’s talk about strategies and recipes…

Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Do YOU have a favorite healthy recipe or strategy when attending the food banquets of summer?

Please include links.

Here’s a link for EmilyBites–a great resource for light recipes.–Thank you, Karen for sharing this link earlier this week!

We’d LOVE to hear!


PS…”What’s for Lunch Mama Bird” quilt was stitched with Sulky 30 wt Rayon in white and Sulky 40 wt Rayon in blue-with Aurifil cotton 50 wt in the bobbin on my BERNINA 770QE–LOVE!

PPS…All tutorials, images and information are the property of Lori Kennedy @ The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog, pin or share with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other uses, please contact me at lckennedy@hotmail.com.  Thanks!


20 thoughts on “What’s For Lunch? Open Line Friday

  1. That is just the sweetest design. The baby birds start out so plain. I wonder if they will grow up to be as detailed as their lovely Mum, with all her circles and swirls. ?

  2. I stick with the meat, no bun and fruit. Watermelon fills me up fast. I try to stay away from the chips…I said try…probably harder for me than the dessert table. And I allow myself one little dab of moms potato salad just to ward off the “off limit binge monster”. There’s just certain things only around at summer picnics and if I keep them completely off limits my will power eventually breaks down only because I feel like I missed out and then I take too much. Olive oil mayo is a product lower in calories and fat that actually tastes great and doesn’t do anything weird to my tummy. Maybe I’ll try a potato salad with it. Keep a bottle of water in your hand at all times…only gives you one free hand to graze with. Haha!!!

    • Great ideas for the summer, eating the meat and fruit, no bun and lots of water. My daughter made a cabbage salad with the Olive oil mayo and I didn’t notice the difference from the regular mayo in the salad. Good to know it’s better for me. I’ll be using it from now on.

  3. You got me with this one ! I just LoVe anything to do with birds, bird nests, bird houses and branches! The mention of what to bring to all this summer fun is always a big deal. I like to bring raw fruits and veggies with either a spicy yogurt dip or sweet yogurt dip. Make dips ahead of time for better flavor. I also like lightly steamed veggies tossed with a bit of balsamic vinegar, olive oil & sprinkled with fresh chopped herbs and green onions. It’s best to add the vinegar, oil, herbs and green onions while the veggies are hot, toss together & refrigerate. Having a nice mix of color makes any of the above foods more appealing. Happy Summer to you!

  4. Pretty quilting!! For barbeques, I always try to bring some fresh veggies and a low-fat dip. I can forgo chips if i have something crunchy to take their place. If I really want to have a specific menu item at the potluck, i try for just a small taste. Usually, that will satisfy my urge.

  5. we’re heading into winter here in the southern hemisphere….but summer for me means lots of fresh salads: green mango and prawn; wombok and julienned carrot, capsicum and radish with heaps of coriander (cilantro to you guys); lotusroot salad…all mixed with a light ngoc mam dressing…if you notice a theme here it’s because I love south east asian cooking. It’s light, healthy, flavourful and never boring. Going there is even better……*sigh*

  6. I absolutely adore this design! I still feel overwhelmed trying complicated patterns like this but I know it takes lots and lots of practice. You are such an inspiration.

    • I had a scrap with the hearts and spirals on the top and bottom and I was just testing out the bird idea. I drew the bird and best outlines with a few branches. I stitched those elements and liked it so I went back and filled in the rest without marking. I plan to do a larger quilt with these motifs. I will walk through my process when I do.

  7. Mama Bird is exquisite! This is so gorgeous..! I run out of words..LOL.. So while I am washing dishes, watering my Mother’s Day hydrangea, washing out daily small laundry, walking down to the mailbox…..and back , doing ballet exercises while holding on to my galley kitchen counter tops, checking email, finishing up sewing binding on my granddaughter’s graduation quilt, telling my grandson, yes I can make his new stuffed bear a tent, you are producing the lovely Mama Bird and her chicks !!!!! I think I will tell (ask?) my daughter to come take over for a week and I will hide out in my cottage and sew, sew, sew. I just deleted half of this yakking, realized I miss attending my weekly sewing group.This caretaking too will pass. Husband is doing lots better, his cast will be off in 6 more weeks. The Inbox Jaunt is such a respite for me each morning as well as inspirational. Lunch? salad: spinach, tomatoes, yellow squash, peppers, onions, olives, pepper jack cheese, almonds, and oven toasted slices of baquette loaf and some butter pecan ice cream.

  8. Bring something healthy to eat and share. At least you will have one food item that is not bad for your health. Another strategy is to eat before you go.

  9. If it’s a potluck picnic, offer to bring a salad, or a fruit or veggie tray. Stay as close to nature (no heavy/creamy sauces, dressings or dips) as possible. Make yourself wait until everyone else has had a crack at the buffet table before you go up. As soon as you are done, take the littler kids on a “nature walk” – if you are lucky, the tempting desserts will all be eaten up before you come back, LOL.

  10. As a 25+ year Weight Watcher Lifetime Member (wow, what a title!!), I say, eat anything you want in moderation, and try to be sensible about it. I really haven’t thought much about what I eat, and it seems to be working, since I weigh less now than my original goal weight. I lead a walking group in our women’s club, and also belong to our local women’s gym. To me, life is just too short to stress out about what you eat, and I think I can say that because I’m 25 years removed from losing weight. I agree with everything Quiltbabe said…love your quilt, Lori!

  11. I love your “what’s for lunch, Mama Bird”. Can we do that as the next project?!

  12. Love your Mama Birds. It inspired me to get organized. Yes I bought muslin and was never inspired to cut out the quilt sandwiches,, so I have stalled and stalled, TODAY I will go thru my stash and find those FQ and cut up the twin size batting I purchased a year ago.

    Same with weight lose. I stalled and stalled and I can’t stall any longer. My grandson turns 1 next Friday. He is crawling now but I see running in my near future. I promised myself I would lose some weight so I could chase him. TODAY is the day that I start and stick to my plans.

    Thank you for the great tutorials and your Crafty Classes. Love them all! Your are a great motivator to get my keister in motion!

    Aileen in Florida

  13. Check out Skinny Taste a blog on great tasting food. She is my go to when I need a recipe that is tasty and healthy.
    My goal this week is to use my new Fitbit and learn all it’s features.

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