A Quick Project for the Kitchen


Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement regarding my book deal with Martingale Publishing.

One of the reasons I went with Martingale is that they agreed to let me keep all the tutorials available here at The Inbox Jaunt.  Other publishers wanted me to take them down once the book was published—a deal breaker for me!

I assured Martingale that YOU would be the best customers of the book…that YOU wanted the tutorials in book format!  Your comments have reaffirmed that position–so THANK YOU!.

I know many of you have had fun making the Sailboat Sampler Quilt-a-Long…All the steps can be found HERE.

Once you know a motif, look for other ways to use it–beyond quilts–hems of skirts, borders of tablecloths or napkins, make stationery…

I found these tea towels on clearance at Craftsy last week…(sorry I don’t think there are any left)…but I have seen similar towels at my LQS and my hardware store…

Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy


I used Sulky 12wt cotton thread and a Size 100 Topstitch needle to embellish the towels.

The towels are fairly tightly woven…so with a little starch I was able to work without adding any additional stabilizer.

(I would LOVE recommendations on a suitable stabilizer for this type of project!)
Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

On one border, I added the Sailboats and a Sun

And on the other I added the wavy line with circles.

Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

I think a set of these would make a great hostess gift, teacher gift, housewarming gift…

What about YOU? Have you ever used any of the motifs on something besides a quilt?

We’d LOVE to hear!

Sailing into Summer,


PS…All tutorials, images and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog, pin or share with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at lckennedy@hotmail.com.  Thanks!


63 thoughts on “A Quick Project for the Kitchen

  1. Hi Lori – I follow you every day, and I’ll buy your book when it comes out! I have an embroidery machine that will make stand-alone lace, such as snowflakes. I use a water soluble stabilizer — Sulky makes one that’s good. This kind of stabilizer would be great for tea towels, as it washes out in water. I plan to start the sailboat sampler soon!

  2. I will buy your book the minute it come out. May I suggest a book that can lay flat so we can follow your ideas. I look forward to your post everyday. I am a long arm quilter and try to use your ideas in my designs. You are great!

  3. Very excited about your book. My computer is nowhere near my sewing machine so having a book in hand in my happy place will be most excellent! Congratulations and thanks for all you do for my sewing projects!

  4. Look forward to the time when your book is available for presale. I’ll be ordering it as soon as that option exists.

  5. GREAT gift idea! I cannot help but wonder…if quilting two tea-towels together might make for an exceptionally sturdy and absorbent tea-towel end result? Maybe overkill…but thinking using a flannel for the batting. Thoughts? ***smiles***

  6. So exciting to know you will publish a book- I can’t wait to have my copy. You are such an inspiration and so generous to share your talent. Thank you so much! Is the needle size a topstitch 100 for the tea towels?? Best wishes with your writing!

  7. I’m so happy to hear your tutorials will remain online. I look forward to purchasing your book when it becomes available

  8. Thanks for the tip on the tea towels. I will keep an eye out for those. Yours really turned out cute.

    I am looking forward to your book.

    I finished my QAL except for the binding. I had to improvise a little because I miscounted the rows somehow. I will post on Flickr today or tomorrow. Thanks for the QAL.

  9. I also enjoy your blog and tutorials, which encouraged me to take your craftsy classes and you can be sure that when the book comes out, I will be looking for it.

  10. Some use freezer paper for stabilization. It’s cheap but has to be picked out. You’re a gem, Lori!

  11. Tea towels are so much fun! Using free motion motifs on them is perfect and using a wash away stabilizer is the best route to go. No picking out paper. After item is laundered, iron it using a light fabric starch like Best Press to get out any wrinkles. Makes a beautiful gift!

  12. Lori, I am looking forward to your book. The tea towel idea is great. I’ll try it and let you know how it works for me. You and your blog are a gift to your followers. Thank you

  13. Congratulations on the new book! Im very glad you went withMartingale too. I’ve been a bookclub member there for years and truly love their books and services.

    • I love the idea of the spiral bound book! You are wise to ask them to do it that way! Your tutorials are wonderful and I always like to share them, now I can encourage others to read your book at our quilt guild!

  14. Good Morning from Knoxville, TN Lori,
    Can you even imagine all your excited “over the top” followers in your front yard? Neighbors would think Elvis had finally resurfaced!
    Your generous spirit will continue to pull you in directions never anticipated but so well deserved.
    Thank you ever so much for being THERE Lori!

  15. Your blog is the only one I do and will continue to do after I buy the book!
    I look forward to seeing what is new every day!
    Thank you for all you do!

  16. I wanted to ask about a spiral bound feature but thought I might be asking for too much! The book will be a treasure! Is there a list yet to be a buyer? It will be on my own list for my fellow guild members for the Birthday Bash gifts we exchange and the voluntary Christmas gifts. Looking forward to the “Henry” motifs to use on our children’s charity quilts. Those quilts are usually small. Oh, how exciting, Lori. So happy for you and us! Thank you for sharing your expertise and your life events with us.

  17. Hostess gifts. House-warming gifts. Bridal shower gifts. The possibilities are endless with the many border designs we’ve learned on your site. The tea towels also could be cut to size and used to add a decorative border to terry hand towels in the powder room.

  18. Exciting on the book! Congratulations! I love decorating towels! I never get any done for me but then a friend sent me a beautiful appliquéd and stitched towel! I love it so much! The FMQuilted ones will be so fast and fun! I’m so used to working with bed size quilts so this will be extra fun…I’m thinking 4th of July themed.

  19. Having the book will be awesome (my laptop screensaver tends to pop on just when I need to glance over to check something again, LOL). Love that I won’t have to take it to the office supply to have the spine sliced off and the spiral binding put on – I’ve done that with other quilt books, especially the ones like yours that are technique rather than just quilts.

  20. As a machine embroidered, is that a word, I would recommend a sticky back water-soluble stabilizer. You have to wash that one out but it sticks to the fabric and makes it easy to move as one. Have you tried a spray in stabilizer called “Teri all Magic”, used it recently on blocks for a quilt for applique, made the block nice and a riff and washes out.

  21. Lori, I’m not the best with words but when I read loosecannon2’s I knew that’s exactly what I would say, God Bless You! I have both your classes and can’t wait to get my hands on your book, congratulations on all your successes!

  22. Lori-
    Yea for Martingale!
    I’m proud to say that I’m an early follower of yours, back when you had 2,000 or 3,000 of us.
    I’ve been hoping the whole time that you would publish a book.
    My prayers are being answered! You are being blessed for your generous spirit and talent in sharing The Inbox Jaunt on line without remuneration.
    Love the spiral bound idea. Needless to say- I will be among the first to click on “Enter”
    to order your book.

  23. I plan to buy your book! Good for you for sticking to keeping your tutorials online as well. I think that will help sell your book rather than take away from it.

  24. Your blog is a daily “go to” for me. I get my Lori fix. I cannot wait until your book is released. I am excited to have your designs in a tangible book. Yeah, for Martingale!

  25. I CANNOT WAIT to buy your book!!!
    I’m glad you went with Martingale. Having some content online on your blog will not affect book sales… we fans WANT this book! Plus it allows to control of your work.
    I think you should sell autographed copies through your blog. And sign me up for one! 🙂

  26. Congratulations on your book deal! So glad you are able to keep up your tutorials. Although I love the electronic format I still love a to put my hands on a book and will be one of the first ones in line to buy it.
    You are an awesome teacher. Love the website, your craftsy classes and know I will love your book.

  27. Congratulations on your book deal and thank you for sticking to your principles and going with a publisher that allows you to continue the designs on your blog! I, too, am a Lori addict and follow you daily with my morning coffee. I can’t start my day without either!!
    I really love the idea for the FMQ on tea towels. I wonder if the heavy cotton thread will shrink with laundering and cause the towel to pucker? (I worry about stuff like that!!) Have you laundered any of the tea towels you have FMQ on?
    I finished the Sailboat Sampler and posted it on Craftsy under your Doodle to Design class. Are we supposed to post it to flicker?
    Thank you again for such a great blog, fabulous Craftsy classes and being a genuinely wonderful person!

  28. Wow….Like everyone else I’ll be right there to buy the wonderful (I know it will be) spiral bound book!!!!!!! Yeah for you which means yeah for us. I started FMQ back in the late 70’s on a domestic Brother. I went to work for 40 yrs, now I’m back and amazed by all your wonderful tutorials. I’m not up with all the electronic tools but I AM current with your Craftsy classes and your daily blog. A huge Thank You.

  29. I know books take time, but yours is on my wish list! I send everyone to your site for quilting ideas.
    I use an iron on tear away/wash away stabilizer by Floriani called “Stitch n Wash Fusible”. I use it for applique, but it would be wonderful for your tea towels.

  30. I found you through Craftsy – your class! I’m truly so glad I did too. I’m pleased to know Martingale offered the deal minus your tutorials. I took want the book when it arrives. I am both a longarm and domestic machine quilter and find your designs suitable for both. I love your creativity.

  31. Morning Lori,
    Could you elaborate on the fabric of the tea towel – if it is tightly woven wouldn’t the fabric be stiffer than loosely woven? Why then was there a need to use a little starch which, I presume, you wouldn’t have needed if the weave was loose.

    3 weeks from winter here in Australia and we are enjoying gorgeous blue skies and warm, warm days that feel like they will never end ? It’s great to be alive.

    • The tight weave makes it possible to Machine quilt with just a bit of starch. Still one layer of fabric makes it a little challenging without a stabilizer. You are right if it were loose woven it would absolutely require stabilization.

      • I understand now – I wasn’t taking into account that the teatowel is a single fabric layer. Thanks for the speedy reply.

  32. Ditto to all the accolades posted above. Your work is so inspiring. You have earned the right to be “published”. Look forward to your daily posts.

  33. You are right Lori we will be your best customers. I’m glad you stood by your guns and decided to keep the tutorials on your website. I love the idea of a spiral bound book as well. I kept running between the computer and my longarm this week as I did a quilt for a lady with the fish and sail boats. She picked it up today and just kept raving over my talent. I eventually told her about your website and the inspiration you are to me.
    Thank you for thinking about all of us and sharing your wonderful talents.

  34. I’ve become a recent follower and am excited about learning from you. I am also thrilled about your balanced approach between exercising and quilting. I will buy your book.

  35. Congratulations Lori! Having your tutorials on line Is what brought many of us to your blog! I don’t think the other publishers “get” you! Congratulations to Martingdale, also. As far as your napkin backing, I would use an iron-on or sticky-back, wash-away stablizer. I like OESD or Floriani. You are the best!

  36. I have learned so much from you and your blog and more from your Craftsy classes. I’ll be ready to buy your book as soon it comes out! Thanks so much!

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