Week Three Challenge #LoseThoseFatQuarters


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Good Morning, Quilters and Fitness Pros!

How’s the stepping going?  Have you been more aware of your sedentary time?  Have you been moving more?

Keep up the good work!  We all want to become great quilters…but nothing is as important as our health!  So let’s put that first–even when (especially when) we are busy!  (This is me talking to myself…)

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Of course we all know there are two parts to the fitness challenge–

Move More + Eat Less.

This week, move more AND  be aware of your eating habits.

Set a nutrition goal for yourself this week.  Keep it EASY and SIMPLE–

Goals like:

  • “I will drink five glasses of water per day”.
  • “I will eat a fruit and a vegetable with every meal and snack.”
  • “I will not eat an Oreo every time I open that cabinet.”
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Photo Courtesy of Faye Kennedy

We don’t have to change everything in one week…just pick that easy thing–the food you eat, but don’t really care about–for me it’s anything sweet.  I don’t really have a sweet tooth, but I will eat it if it’s there…

So my goal this week is to not eat any sweets:  candy, cookies, ice cream, doughnuts.

Now Fritos….that’s a challenge for another week!  (Salty is my downfall!–that and bread…and rice…and pasta…and …—baby steps, baby steps!)


There are a lot of sources of nutrition information (and misinformation) on the web.

The US Department of Agriculture has a very good website, ChooseMyPlate.gov

If you have a source you recommend, please share a link.



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To enter to Win the Notions Quilt:  (Good news–it is finished–including binding!)

  1. You must continue your MOVE MORE goal–either the one from last week or write a new one.
  2. Write an additional nutrition goal.
  3. Keep both goals for one week.
  4. Enter to Win on Monday, May 23
  5. Tell us what worked and didn’t work for you in the comment section on Monday, May 23.  (You will have until noon on May 24 to leave a comment.)

The Winner will be announced on Thursday, May 26.


Later today, our friend, Carole  From My Carolina Home will be blogging about The Inbox Jaunt in her “May is for Makers”.  Be sure to stop by and say to Carole!

Also, check our her pattern store.  Carole even has a few free patterns!

We will finish our Sailboat Sampler tomorrow.  I’ve been delighted to see several on Instagram!  And much more…

Happy Candy-Free Quilting!


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39 thoughts on “Week Three Challenge #LoseThoseFatQuarters

  1. I find that doing 20-30 minutes of aerobic exercises each day helps. It is a total challenge for me…as I am the ultimate couch potato! The adding fruit and veggie with anything else you decide to eat, really is a great idea! I will make that my challenge along with my daily exercise!

  2. Weight Watchers suggests that we put down our forks in between bites–I laughed out loud at that suggestion. THEN I had an epiphany–I unconsciously had the next bite ready to be eaten BEFORE I had even chewed/swallowed the last bite. I still don’t put the fork down, but I have made sure I have finished eating the last bite–requiring me to eat more slowly–before I load up the next bite. Guess what–IT WORKS!!!!

    I have been MOVING around the entire time I am listening to the news. I am including stretching, bending, etc.

  3. Being cognizant of sedentary time has been most helpful during the last week. While my movement has not increased consistently I have gained strength and stamina. Eating more fruits comes easily so I will be focusing on vegetables this week. Now I have to plan a vegetable snack to take to our quilting afternoon–much better than cookies!

  4. Thank you for the motivation! I am moving more and this week will be the perfect week to step it up a notch with my food choices!

  5. When I was quilting, I made myself get up and move about every half hour. My problem is sweets. I will work on it more this week.

  6. My goals for this week will be:
    1 keep with 2 miles a day , decrease spread to 40 minutes . I did decrease from 50 min.
    2 decrease coffe by 1 cup a day
    3 increase H20 4 glasses a day

    I am proud I did keep my goals of exercise , even with company just took more planning . Quilting stopped for the visit but not the exercise

  7. Thanks for the chance to win what I am sure will be a really fun quilt.

    I have actually been focussing on my breathing more since last week. Because of asthma, I breathe shallowly. I am now consciously breathing count to 4 in, count to 4 out. Surprisingly, 4 out is hard to do, I seem to speed through out. I do this several times per day. Bonus: it lowers my stress level.

    This week, since the vegetable garden is yielding lots of lettuce and chives, and chive blossoms, I am going to have a salad a day based on my own garden. That is definitely doable. Baby steps.

    Thanks for the gentle nudges, and motivation.

  8. Good morning, I am very excited when I read your posts, as they are always empowering! I have been working hard on moving more and more, than I usually do (which is normally a lot!) and realized that I actually need to sit down for a bit on and off throughout the day! I am not ADHD, but have a lot I am trying to get done before a major trip to visit family next week, so I am now taking the time out to breathe in between all that on the run activities! I normally eat pretty healthy, but noticed that I don’t slow down to enjoy what I am eating and am now also making the effort to relish every bite! Thank you, Lori! 🙂

  9. Lori, you are such an inspiration in so many ways!! I have increased my activity level and you are inspiring me to decrease my “stress eating.” (Specific, measurable goals have been set.) I have a wonderful resource that I have used when preparing Health Promotion presentations when I worked as a Nurse Practitioner (now retired, yeah!, more quilting time!): http://health.gov/
    This is the home page for the office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. There are links for dietary & activity guidelines as well as multiple other resources. I hope this website is helpful to others.

  10. I will continue my goal to go to Curves 3 days a week and walk more In between. Slowing down eating is an important factor. Our bodies don’t recognize we are full when we eat too fast and by the time we stuff too much in it is too late! One thing that works for me when I know I’m going to be going out to eat is to eat some protein before hand so I’m not ravenous and order too much to eat.
    Thanks so much for these nudges to be more aware of our need for exercise and proper diet.

  11. I have been meeting my exercise and moving goals. Now to work on my bad habit of wanting to snack all the time–even when I’m not really hungry. Thanks, Lori, for starting this challenge. It’s been a great motivator.

  12. With my 95 year old mom now moved from the hospital to skilled nursing, my schedule is still non existent. However, I’m making hexi’s like crazy. ? I pledge to somehow get 7500 steps in each day this week and not eat after 6:00 pm.
    Question for KF: are chive blossoms edible?? I’ve got them in my garden too…

    • Yes, they are. You can use them in vinegar, or in a salad. There are recipes for chive blossom butter and oil and even part of a pasta sauce. They are supposed to have a light chive flavour. I’ll find out tomorrow if that is true.

      Good for you not eating after 6PM. Not possible for me as I don’t get home from work until about 5:30 so dinner is usually after 6.

    • It’s really tough when you have no schedule, but just being aware of opportunities to get in a few steps can really make a difference. Every step counts-it can become a little game.

  13. This has really helped me. I am meeting my goals and I add or change them each week. The kitchen timer, for how long I set at the computer or sewing machine has really worked for me setting less. I don’t know if your week goes, forward or back. but last week My goal was to consume less sugar. I started looking at everything I ate sugar content. I was amazed. Even canned vegetables have sugar added. I’m exploring new avenues to cut the sugar in my meals. I have given myself a challenge to find and rid more sugar from my diet. I’m not counting calories, just eating healthy and reach walking one mile 3 days a week by next monday.
    By the way, I have lost 4 lbs since May 3rd when I started this with you.

  14. I worked in my garden for 2 hours yesterday. Had to get the shade screens up–it is already 100 degrees in Phoenix! Lettuce has all gone to seed but the peppers, squash and tomatoes are doing great. New goal: one big salad every day with lots of colorful, crunchy veggies on top.

  15. I will increase veggies daily. They are really my favorite foods, but I’m not the cook in our family (lucky me) so I don’t do the meal planning. It won’t be hard to add more veggies to the salad, or eat a green pepper snack instead of a cracker. I love the idea of checking labels for sugar. I’ll work on that. Seems frozen has less than canned.

  16. I have been more aware of how much I am moving and trying to do more and more each day. I will add more servings of veggies and try to turn away from the sweets. (They are my downfall). Thanks for inspiring me to work on my fitness.

  17. This past week I parked farther away from the grocery store. Adding more fruits or veggies is a great idea? Thank you.

  18. OK. Last week I walked 45 miles! Did I tell you that already? LOL. this week I probably won’t get that many miles, but I should have at least 35. Who knows. Nutritionlly, this week i want to do some slow cooker oatmeal and have that fo snacks. I freeze them in my big muffin tin! perfect!

    What didn’t work: I have been dieting stringently for 4 weeks now. And doing very well. But I was watching TV and TOTALLY craving a hamburger! So I made some patties, but it wasn’t the same. I might just need that real hamburger.

    • Wow! 45 miles is fabulous! I think you can have a hamburger once in awhile! I have read that if you cut back too much on calories, you don’t lose weight either.

  19. Wow!! we all seem to be on the same track. Still walking 4 miles each day, . and have already started eating more veggies. Love to bake and have changed from sugar to honey or molasses. Working on doing more stretching

  20. This has been so very helpful at getting me on board with what I knew I should be doing! My daughter and I have been getting up and moving throughout the day and that has helped me to easily meet my step goals. In fact, I’ve increased my daily step goal because of it.

    I drastically reduced my sugar intake a couple of months ago and I’ve been able to stick with doing that; I also have been consuming considerably more vegetables, including having some for breakfast most days. What I would like to work on is chewing my food more thoroughly–maybe the suggestion of putting my fork or spoon down between bites, as someone else mentioned would be the easiest way to accomplish that.

    Thanks so much, Lori for all the great motivation! In the end, we all will be winners!

  21. For the past 3 years, I’ve already cut out everything (sugar, white foods, etc.). I eat lots more fruits and veggies. I exercise at least 5 days a week, and still don’t lose. My new diet plan that I’ve been on for the past month is 5:2 (intermittent fasting) and it may finally be starting to work, but you cannot eat whatever you want on non-fasting days like they say you can. Don’t know what my problem is! My thyroid is fine, says doc.

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