Challenge Winner and “Hyperquilting”

Machine Quilting, Sewing Notions, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters and Health Nuts!

I am so excited about the work you all have been doing–getting out of those chairs and MOVING MORE.

There were times when I really didn’t want to put my sewing down…but I couldn’t let the group (or myself) down.  #noexcuses #theinboxjaunts #losethosefatquarters!

It’s clear that we all face challenges–some are time related, others face complex medical issues…and I’ve been delighted to hear that so many of you have put your health first and made the decision to MOVE MORE.

Whatever YOUR level–KEEP MOVING!!!  

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The Winner of the Run for the Roses Challenge is….

Barbara Frank

Congratulations, Barbara!! (Please contact me at with your shipping address.)

Machine Quilting, Sewing Notions, Lori Kennedy


I’m currently putting the finishing touches on the quilt prize for next week’s challenge.

It’s another Horizontal Composition, like the Mystery Sailboat Sampler and The First Class Quilt-

Machine Quilting, Sewing Notions, Lori Kennedy

I started with rows of



Pin Cushions

and added a little


Machine Quilting, Sewing Notions, Lori Kennedy

Then I switched to a variegated thread in green to create the background.

Machine Quilting, Sewing Notions, Lori Kennedy

I outlined each motif and then added echo stitching and spirals….

Machine Quilting, Sewing Notions, Lori Kennedy

As you know….I LOVE to stitch!


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16 thoughts on “Challenge Winner and “Hyperquilting”

  1. It s looking beautiful, like all of your pieces. I have been away from my Janome all winter, and I chose your Sailboat (Mystery) Quilt to reacquaint myself with my machine. Although I messed up the rows, no one will ever know! It is beautiful just as it is.

  2. I am moving right along! I actually got over 7000 steps on my fit bit. It does not take much to get 250 steps every hour but it takes a lot to get 10,000 steps and I hope the moving every hour will help me reach my goal. Beautiful pieces you are doing.

  3. It’s been raining here, very hard to walk outside, and I have my 87 yr old father in law staying with us who wants to be waited on hand and foot, but with all those excuses said: I can still ride my stationary bike, go to swim when the homecare giver is here and she can sit with him, and squeeze a walk or kayak in between rain drops. The neighborhood golf group starts at end of month too. Make it a priority!

  4. I wondered whether I, at age almost 65, really need to walk as much as a 22 year old. I wanted to share this article about 10,000 steps: It echoes Lori’s philosophy of do more, do what you can. I always moved a lot, but less the last couple years. And the last few years I have had a higher stress load. Someone gave me a Fitbit which has also motivated me. I feel better (partly the fact that winter is finally gone) when I walk and stretch. Not to mention watching what I eat a little more closely.

    I never thought a quilt website would help me get more fit. THANKS Lori!

    • Michele, I got my Medicare card last fall, so I’m now officially “late-middle-aged.” We’ve gotta keep movin’ – use it or lose it!! Of course we can’t do what we did at one-third our age, but if we can still get up and go, we must. My husband and I go to the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. I consider it a regular appointment and schedule any other activities and events around it. We walk the track for 35 minutes and do the weight machines for 20 minutes. So do what you can, and keep on quilting, too!

      • P.S. Thanks for the link to that article – I just read it. I did Weight Watchers a number of years ago and we were encouraged to wear a pedometer and log at least 10,000 steps a day. Now that I’m reminded of it, I’m motivated to work toward that goal. Thanks for the push!

  5. These samplers are so beautiful ! They are encouraging to keep on trying and learning ! Congratulations to Barbara, winner of the Roses ! My blood sugar has dropped some due to my walking and gardening..YAY!

  6. Thank you for the article too! Very helpful info! I am pretty much a mover..don’t sit still long….even for a movie or TV! lol Gotta keep busy..which is nice reason to keep hand stitchy things handy! 🙂 But every extra step we take is great…and know it motivates me to keep at it! Great job everyone!! 🙂

  7. I love the inspirational saying and your quilt is adorable with the sewing theme designs. The needles are great.

  8. Congratulations Barbara……thanks everyone for the motivation. I feel wonderful with all the walking and yard work. Got to do some baking this next couple of days…..engagement party for my daughter….hard to believe she is going to get married. A Great Big Thank you to you Lori for all the positive influence !

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