Need a First Class Teacher’s Gift?

Machine Quilting, Teachers, Motifs, Pencils, Apple, Worm

Good Morning, Quilters!

Have you gotten a few steps in this morning?

Or…do you have a plan for later today?  Give yourself a deadline for getting your step goal–try to make it early in the day so you will feel relaxed when you make it to your sewing room.


In my first Craftsy Class, Divide and Conquer:  Creative Machine Quilting, I discussed “Compositional Styles”–six ways to divide a quilt or a quilt block to create a balanced composition and then add the motifs to fill in the divided space.

The Sailboat Sampler -Mystery Quilt-a-Long that we have been stitching is an example of a Horizontal Composition.  The block or quilt is divided into horizontal rows and then quilted.  The rows do not have to be evenly spaced-in fact it’s more interesting if they are not.


This quilt was designed for a favorite teacher and will be given as a gift.

It is also a Horizontal Composition.

Machine Quilting, Teachers, Motifs, Pencils, Apple, Worm

First I choose the motifs:

The Perfect Pencil

The Delicious Apple

The Apple Core

Machine Quilting, Teachers, Motifs, Pencils, Apple, Worm

Then I divided the quilt into rows to accommodate the motifs.  Next, I added a few small rows for Spirals.

Machine Quilting, Teachers, Motifs, Pencils, Apple, Worm

After quilting the rows, I decided to fill in the background with what I think of as “hyper quilting”….it’s not a real term, just a lot of echo stitching and filling in between the motifs with a thread that blends into the background.

Machine Quilting, Teachers, Motifs, Pencils, Apple, Worm

Machine Quilting, Teachers, Motifs, Pencils, Apple, Worm

What about YOU?  Are YOU a teacher?  Do YOU have a favorite teacher?

Do you think you could tackle a Horizontal Composition with YOUR favorite motifs?  (50% at Craftsy HERE)

Summer is just around the corner…these are the hardest days for teachers…

Happy Horizontal Stitching,


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If you haven’t…well, it’s time to treat yourself!

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12 thoughts on “Need a First Class Teacher’s Gift?

  1. Got my first 2 miles in this morning, off to work we will go for another 11/2 -2 miles.
    What a neat idea! Love the colours you just have a way of getting the creative juices going. Thank you!!

  2. Lori, I just love this little quilt! It’s given me all kinds of ideas using your motifs! Can’t wait to jot them down, before I forget.

    I’ll get my walking in a little later today.

  3. Uh,,,,wondering here…. May 10 has come and gone and no I J email arrived announcing who won the fitness roses. No emails either congratulating the winner?

    Our 7 year old grandson took me on a walk yesterday afternoon. I am slower than he is…no mystery there! He would run awhile, then dawdle over some bug or other. He would challenge me to beat him to someone’s mailbox 50 ft down the road. Then as I arrived within 5 ft of the mailbox, he would fly past me to win! LOL. Actually before we reached the house again, if I had a phone with me, I would have called for a ride home. I didn’t want to give up in front of him. So we finished together. My husband told me later that dirt road walk was close to 3 miles..WHAT? Ok, so that
    proves I can make it farther than my usual quarter mile. Just leave it to a kid for inspiration !

  4. Walking this morning then hauling soil for new flower beds….keeping up my end of the bargain! I have both your Craftsy classes, but I never sit down long enough to watch them!!!

  5. Oh, my! I would cry if one of my students brought me something that special. I love the gold and green- the classic Crayola box colors. Yup, Lori, it is the tough time of year- my seniors are just about to make me as crazy as they are right now. Exams will be over on Friday for them- yippee! Then to keep my juniors from running it off into the ditch for two more weeks. I have put your Craftsy classes on hold until school is out, but I am keeping up with the workouts- 45 minutes of climbing stadium steps!

  6. I would love to see a collage video of all of us involved in our exercise..! Just snippets of each of us “at work” getting fit ! … a visual quilt as it were…

  7. I enjoyed walking 3 miles with Leslie Sansone. She really has some moves, besides just walking. I’m sore tonight.

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