The Sailboat Sampler-Machine Quilting Quilt-a-Long

Sailboats, Sampler, Machine Quilting

Good Morning, Quilters!

The Mystery Quilt is no longer a mystery…it is a Sailboat Sampler!

Today we add the Sailboats and the Clouds and next week we add some finishing touches.

Let’s jump right in!

Let’s remark the lines–

Draw a line 1-1/4 inches above the top of the Scallops.

Draw another line 3/4 inch below The Paperclips.

Divide the large Row into four rectangles using the no-measure method we used last week.

Finally, add a line down the center of each of the rectangles–this will be the line for the Sailboat masts.

SailboatSampler.LoriKennedy001Begin stitching on the lower line.  Stitch a wavy line and then stitch the back of the boat.


Stitch straight up the mast.  Add a small triangle flag.


Stitch a large triangle sail.


Stitch a curved line to create the left side of the sail.  Then echo stitch the mast to the top.


Add two more triangles (or one large one) on the left side of the mast.


Stitch down and then create the front of the ship.


Stitch forward and create a small curl.


Stitch a wavy line to create the bottom of the boat.

Sailboats, Sampler, Machine Quilting


Stitch forward, under the wavy line.  Continue stitching a wavy line into the next rectangle to begin the next Sailboat.
Sailboats, Sampler, Machine Quilting

Continue stitching all four Sailboats.

Sailboats, Sampler, Machine Quilting

Sailboats, Sampler, Machine Quilting

To add the Clouds…

Begin stitching just above the Sail on the first Sailboat.

Stitch scallops around the boat.

Sailboats, Sampler, Machine Quilting

Connect the Clouds between each rectangle.

Sailboats, Sampler, Machine Quilting

Echo stitch the entire row to add more emphasis to this line.

Sailboats, Sampler, Machine Quilting


Wasn’t that easy!?  One Row at a time…Minutes per week…Slow and Steady!

Next week–the finishing touches!

Sailing, Sailing Away….



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19 thoughts on “The Sailboat Sampler-Machine Quilting Quilt-a-Long

  1. I just finished the sailboats…what fun that is! And, you were right……I don’t notice the different order at all from where I made the ‘mistake’ LOL. Love the sampler! I used a small spool of white thread and I finished the spool with inches to spare!! Love it when that happens :-).

    • That’s living close to the edge with thread! Lol! So happy your quilt looks great–it’s very forgiving pattern!

  2. I guessed right. I saw your article in AQ that came out last month and when the mystery sampler with nautical theme started, I was sure I would see those sail boats again. And I am up to date with the quilt-along; well until today. I showed off my progress at my FMQ Club last meeting, first Sunday of the month. And then gave my advertisement for your blog. And I told them they would see this piece again once completed.
    So, now one more row to go before binding, with label. Can’t wait. This has been fun.
    Homework from FMQ Club has not been fun. We’ve been doing allover fill or background motifs. I chose black Kona cotton, 1/2 yard each motif and a bright green, on the lime side, thread and have had horrendous sporadic tension issues. it is possessed. There are certain patches in the solid fabric where it doesn’t matter what I do there are birds nests and such and patches right next to it where tension is perfect – in one sitting. I’ve re-threaded, changed needles, checked bobbin tension with TOWA gauge. Thread is Isachord with pre-wound Masterpiece bobbins from Superior Threads. And changing from one bobbin to another did not help either.
    Your mystery quilt-along, no tension issues. go figure…

    • good karma? Thanks for the shout outs to your group! I’m guessing there is some thread caught somewhere in your machine that you can’t see to remove…Maybe time for a servicing? I HATE when that happens–you sit down to sew and all your time is spent on tension–ARGGHHH–talk about creating tension!

  3. This has been a lot of fun, will make a cute wall hanging for grandsons room. Thank you. Sad that this is over.Maybe you should do another, you should do trains, that would be totally cool!

  4. Loved this project. Weekly lessons and breaking it down for us made it so much easier for us to complete the fmq. Thank you Lori. Can’t wait until the next project…animals would be fun if you’re looking for ideas.

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  6. Hello Lori! Thank you so much for this great FMQ SAL….. I am relatively new to FMQ but thanks to the online Craftsy classes, both yours and Christina’s, I have worked really hard this year to improve and I am really starting to feel more confident. This was a great little sampler to help with my practice. I am really pleased with the results. If I can get the quilting to show up well enough in a photo I will post it to the Craftsy platform for your first class…. Divide and Conquer…. which is great! Thank you again! Christine

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  8. I’ve been enjoying quilting along with you so much that I just signed up for divide and conquer. I’m looking forward to learning lots in the class. I think it’s interesting that you live in Stillwater, MN, since I live in Stillwater, OK! Not only that, but my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson live in Minneapolis, MN, which I think is pretty close to you. Small world! Anyway, I was with wondering about row 9. Will that be next week? Or are we leaving it open?

    • After seeing a couple of lessons in your Craftsy class, I’m guessing we are going to do the swirly waves in row 9.

      • Guess again! But I’ll give you a hint. It’s something from my second class…

      • Well, I’m not in your second class “yet” but you might just inspire me to sign up for it. ?

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