High Fives and Enter to Win–Hurry!

Pink Gym Shoes

Good Morning, Quilters, Movers and Shakers!

Did you watch the Kentucky Derby? 

Or were outside gardening, walking or just moving more for #theinboxjaunts  very own Run for the Roses challenge to #losethosefatquarters!


Our challenge last week was threefold:

If you did those things…and reporting to the group was not mandatory….

Please give me a HIGH FIVE!!! in the comment section to enter a lottery to win the beautiful rose quilt!

WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN at 12:00 noon CST on May 10, 2016.  

You can simply comment: “High Five”  or tell us what worked for YOU this week.

Rose quilt, Aurifil thread


Reassess your goals….

If you weren’t able to reach your goals last week, will you be able to change your schedule this week and try again?

Or do you need to make your goals a little more achievable and try again?


On the other hand, if you achieved your goals, you can either repeat them this week or add a goal.

Pink Gym Shoes

The most  important thing:  Make goals that are easily achievable!

Success leads to more success!  

Let’s keep moving to keep quilting!



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176 thoughts on “High Fives and Enter to Win–Hurry!

  1. High 5. I was able to walk for a total of 4 hrs and 45 minutes and not just sit in the evenings.

  2. I walked four days in a row, climbed 6 floors of a parking garage and walked all over Waco, Tx. My feet are sore but will keep pushing on.

  3. High five. I completed my goals and even more. I am continuing my yoga class, walking more, and doing my yoga basic routines every day. It feels good.

  4. Had to reevaluate what I could do this week due to a medical issue. Did all the exercises the dr. indicated. This week I can get back outside walking again…although a bit slower.

  5. High Five Lori. MAking goals or deals with myself never works for me as the real commitment is just not there…… I need something more definitive than holding myself to account, however, I AM FINALLY GETTING THE WILLPOWER and beginning to recognize and enjoy each small accomplishment. Thank you for all the good you do for us.

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