Fast and Easy or Slow and Steady? Open Line Friday

Machine Quilting, Fill Designs, Fast and EasyGood Morning, Quilters and Fitness Pros!

It’s been a busy week for all of us and next week I have some BIG NEWS to share…

In the mean time, how’s it going with our first challenge in #theinboxjaunts #losethosefatquarters?

Don’t forget, we are Running (or walking) for the Roses.  Keep your eye on the prize:

Roses, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Of course, THE REAL PRIZE is health and fitness!

Our plan for this week:

  • Be aware of our sedentary/active time balance…in other words, how much time do we spend sitting???
  • Make a decision to MOVE MORE–No Excuses!
  • Write achievable goals–and keep the promises we make to ourselves.
  • Reward ourselves with quilting time (not food).
  • Continually evaluate and adjust.

With that last point in mind…

How is it going?

What is working?  What is not?  

For me…I did well increasing my active time and have kept my exercise goal of walking 4 miles 4 times this week.

What’s not working…writing down my sedentary time…I need a daily calendar or something.  Perhaps just a way to mark every half hour of sitting without moving….Not sure–

What worked for YOU?

What didn’t?

And What’s YOUR NEW plan?  If something is not working, make a new plan ASAP!


Just a quick reminder…when it comes to fitness and health…

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

If you are looking for Fast and Easy–try machine quilting–I am over at BERNINA’s blog, We All Sew, with three Fast and Easy quilting motifs!

Happy Mother’s Day,

Lori (Mother of six, Grandmother of 1 –with one on the way!!!)

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38 thoughts on “Fast and Easy or Slow and Steady? Open Line Friday

  1. So Important to keep moving. Unfortunately, I fell a month ago, broke my pelvis. Exercise with Physical Therapy has me moving from a hospital bed to moving with a walker. Expect to graduate to a cane next week. Exercise helps. The fall kept me from my upstairs sewing room. Will work on stairs nest week too. Then hooray, back to sewing.

    Thanks for all your encouragement both for sewing and now for exercise.

      • I fell last fall and jammed up my left shoulder rotator cuff. After hearing your story, the whining and whinging at my house stops now! Wishing you many quilting hours soon.

  2. This week hasn’t been the best to start a new program. My plan was to walk a little every morning, or get on the treadmill for a few minutes in the evening. However, with working a stressful job from 6:30 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon, then driving home to fix dinner, there isn’t a lot of energy left at night for much exercise! I did start doing squats at my desk at work when no one is around to build my core, and walking at a quick pace every day to get the mail at work, but that is about the extent of my exercise. At 68 years old and still working 40 hours a week I’m doing OK. Maybe next week will I’ll do better.

    • Sounds like you are very busy! Just baby steps-we are just shooting for a little awareness and a little more movement each week! Slow and steady!

  3. Morning, I have stayed on course with the exception of keeping track of my sitting time. What I have done to help with not loosing track of time is I have started keeping my kitchen timer with me and setting it for an hour. When my hour is up, I get up and start another project that is only accomplished by being up and moving.

  4. I have done activity tracking for 3 days and will again today. I have also kept up with my walking goal and did ride the exercise bike. I am quilting too! Although I got my walking in yesterday, I didn’t do many things that I wanted to on my list. What I thought was a just a pesky health annoyance is turning into more and has impacted my plans. There will be lots o follow-up on that next week so I will have to build some flexibility into my plan. Getting my health in order and getting in better shape is a big part of my larger goal. Since beginning to work on that over a year ago, I have made tons of progress, but there have been challenges along the way. I am facing a bit of a challenge again, but I do have my eye on reaching the big goal and it is getting closer all the time. As far as next week, I will be walking at least 10,000 steps per day unless medical appointments or symptoms interfere. I will also develop a plan for each day the evening before that day. Time for me to get moving! Thanks so much for this challenge.

  5. Thanks for the extra “push” to be active. I have been able to keep my commitment. Sometimes, I just need to know I am accountable.

  6. Well …. I’m much the same. I’ve been doing pretty well as scheduling my times to walk, but I keep forgetting to write down my sedentary times. I have an organizer at my chair and it’s easy to mark the times I’m sitting there, but I have been forgetting times at the computer or watching tv at night. Planning to put a notebook in each place today to correct that.

  7. Lori, How did you take a photo of me on my walking path? LOL.. My dad used to nickname me “Slowpoke” like a terrapin! I will be doing good if I meet my goal 3 days this week.LOL.. Lost one whole night of sleep with my caretaking job here that affected me the next day too. Working to get back on track..My posting notes of my efforts is a day behind. So, regroup and persevere! Oh, prayers for so many who have health issues to deal with nowadays. If the turtle doesn’t quit, he will make it!

  8. Could your big surprise be that the Derby winning horse is wearing your Roses quilt? 🙂

  9. My days are different every day! Down time… So hard to keep track of… It’s small stolen moments at this point!
    Lori! One more grandbaby on the way!! Yipee!!

  10. So far this week i have walked close to 2 miles every morning at the nearby park. It has the most beautiful walking path that winds through the trees and by the dog park. Where I feel guilty I have left the 3 bassets home. We also walk a half mile with the dogs twice a day.

    I use a fitbit bracelet but I also track my work using WoofTracx when I walk the dogs. They will donate to the CAAWS shelter every mile we walk with them. when I ride the bike I track it with MapMyRide.

  11. I made it to my 1 hour yoga class yesterday BUT I spent a total of 15 hours sitting at my desk grading graduate nurse research papers yesterday. Yikes! No wonder I feel sluggish today! I need to catch up on house cleaning but, in my book with the dirty state of my house, THAT is exercise.

  12. Lori… your blog is the only one that I subscribe to… because of the motivation that you send out, consistently! I have been working hard on doodling, as I am not artsy, as well as trying to stay in shape as aging and life’s stresses take their toll, so reading what others are saying, helps to connect the dots as we move ahead in life and I THANK YOU for that! I feel like you guys are in my neighborhood, and the get togethers over my morning coffee, start my day with a bang! Exercising is my de-stressor, so I am excited to do this Mother’s day run, because I don’t run! I wish everyone the best on their endeavor goals. I also subscribe to a website that sends out weekly encouragements with just a simple quote and here is one that I really love: ‘Having the courage to reckon with our emotions and to rumble with our stories, is the path to writing our own brave ending!’, from I am reading that in all the comments and hope that this inspires you to continue on that brave road. Wishing everyone that is a mother, THE HAPPIEST MOTHER’S DAY, and let’s keep going and growing!

  13. Thank you for this challenge. While I haven’t kept track of the sedentary time I have exceed my daily movement goals. I’m not sure how next week will go since I will have 60 quilts moved from my “upper room” to church for packing this weekend. If the improvement from moving continues I will be able to use the outside garden work to keep the movement goal progressing. This challenge has made a change in my moving but more important a new awareness of how I spend my time. Yippee!

  14. I am doing good this week. I have doubled my daily steps and meet my goals. I set a timer in the other room when i sit down so i have to get up and move each half hour. It is working! Thanks for the motivation

  15. I have done a 30 minute workout everyday, except today. I have an event that will keep me from exercising. (Niece’s college graduation) However, I have been doing small bits of exercise today at work when I can. I started logging sitting time but didn’t get too far with that, but I am somewhat aware that I do too much. No quilting but I did sew up a new pattern for a summer top. I am extremely pleased about that because I look at sewing blogs & FB sewing groups and day dream about sewing and quilting instead of actually doing it. Thanks for “Lose the Fat Quarters” challenge.

  16. Thanks for the challenge, Lori. I have been able to meet my exercise and walking goals, but I’m having trouble keeping track of the time that I spend just sitting. But, at least, I’m more aware when I’m sitting now and will hop up and move around.

  17. Your challenge is just what I needed! I was able to do more than 10,000 steps each day this week and you inspired me to keep track of how long I sat for 2days this week. That was not only a hood piece of data to have, but I think it made me move a bit more and sit at the computer a hit less.

  18. Well, I started out strong and then on Wednesday night became ill and spend Thursday and Friday on the couch. 🙁

    Hopefully tomorrow I will have some energy and be back at it.

  19. Having a good week. Started slow with only 6,000 steps but have hit 10,000 or more every day since. It has helped that the weather has finally gotten nice!

  20. I gave myself a very small achievable goal and I have surpassed it. Not great with record keeping but I am definitely more aware of my active and sedentary time.

  21. No logging sitting time here! I set my timer for 35 minutes and walk a course through the house. At 25 minutes I add a flight of stairs to the course and do 5 push ups on the stairs when I get to the bottom. I do that every 2 minutes. when I have 5 minutes left on the timer, I pick up 2 2 pound weights and work my wrists, elbows and shoulders for the remaining minutes. When the timer goes off, I do two yoga “Salute to the Sun” moves and call it done. I tried walking around my neighborhood, but a neighbor’s pit bull got loose and tore up my sweater before his owner called him home. Guess I’ll have to plot a new path. For those of us still in the workforce, use your lunch break to take a walk. I did it for 30 years and there is nothing better for de-stressing and/or problem solving. My lunch time walk was the best part of my day.

  22. I now have the best of both worlds. I was sitting a lot and really turned my sewing room over to my husband for a while. But now I’m in Greece for 6 months, with swimming every day, walking for 1 1/2 hours every morning and, maybe best of all, a room that’s all mine with my Bernina just waiting for me whenever I want it. And boy do I want to sew! So many projects! So, talk about an about-face! I couldn’t ask for a better chance to feel healthier and accomplish more. Good luck to everyone to reach your goals. Meredy

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