Sampler-Sun and Stars

Sampler, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters, Doodlers and Exercise Fanatics!

It’s Day 2 in our Run (Walk, Crawl) for the Roses!  Whatever YOUR fitness level, there’s alway a way to MOVE MORE-so join the challenge and earn YOUR chance to win the lovely Rose Vase Quilt.  Read more HERE

No excuses!   MOVE MORE today!

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Our nautical sampler is filling in quickly now.

As of right now, the top of your quilt should have Rows 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7 stitched and the quilt should look like this:

Find all the directions HERE

Sampler, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Today we are going to fill in Rows 2 and 4 and learn a little trick for spacing larger motifs.

Sampler, Machine Quilting, Lori KennedyRow 4

Row 4 is a one inch space in between two wavy lines.

Add my favorite motif, The Star or Snowflake, to Row 4.

This motif looks like a Star or a Snowflake depending on the context of the quilt.  I love stitching it because it has a nice rocking rhythm while sewing.  (sounds weird, I know…but wait until YOU try it!)

Sampler, Machine Quilting, Lori KennedyRow 2


For Row 2 we are going to stitch four large Spirograph Suns–(simplified versions)

Whenever stitching a large motif, it is a good idea to do a little ciphering to make sure you don’t end up with a half of a motif in the row.

For this quilt we will stitch four full sun motifs in the row.

To divide the space evenly (without measuring) use a measuring tape and place it along the width of the quilt and hold the end point.

Sampler, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Fold the tape in half….

Sampler, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Then in half again.

Give the folds a good pinch to create a crease.

Sampler, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Then mark the quilt on the crease lines.

In this quilt, the math would have been easy as the width was sixteen inches…but it isn’t always this simple and the creasing method works great for odd sizes.

Sampler, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Once  the four rectangles are marked, add a “tick mark” in the center of each box.  The tick mark will help center each Sun motif within the rectangle.

Sampler, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Stitching the Sun

Begin stitching on the top line of the rectangle, stitch past the tick mark, then stitch three half circles.

Add five triangles around the center of the Sun, finish on the top line.   (For more photos and directions, see The Spirograph Sun Tutorial HERE)

Stitch along the top line to begin the next motif.

Sampler, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy


Next week we will fill in Row 8 and Row 9

The following week we will add the border and put the finishing touches on our Sampler Quilt!

Sampler, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

I love it already!

Isn’t it amazing how a few minutes of stitching, done consistently, produces something delightful!

Sounds like another project we’re working on….


Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 4.20.55 PM

Remember:  Our goal is Quilt/Exercise Balance–Exercise more, and reward yourself with a little quilting!

How are YOU going to juggle everything today?

We’d LOVE to hear!

Gotta Run…

Another 4 mile Walk/Jog for me today!

Lori’s Yoga and YOU!

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24 thoughts on “Sampler-Sun and Stars

  1. Thanks for the suns…I want to practice some today if i can find my machine under the mountain of stuff in there, i am making an inprov quilt for a blog hop. Oye!
    Last night i grabbed some weights and did some upper body work. This morning i plan on going to the park and walking the path. First day in last 5 it is not in a downpour!

  2. I’m heading off for my weekly Yoga session (which I missed last two weeks). Thanks for getting me back on track. I have also promised myself to walk at least 3 miles once this week. A slow start to get back in the game, but there it is. Loved the Maxine cartoon. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the spacing tip!!! That’s a head-smacker for sure (as in, “Why didn’t I think of that?!!”). My goal is balance, too, but instead of just quilting and exercise, I’m trying to balance: quilting, exercise, cleaning my filthy house, laundry, homework supervision, getting everyone to their music lessons and rehearsals on time, business obligations, grocery shopping, meal preparation and lunch packing… Sounds less like balancing and more like a juggling act for Ringling Brothers, doesn’t it?!

    But I know quilting is going to move up the list pretty quickly because I’ve promised to quilt a top for a friend and she needs it for her son’s graduation blessing ceremony the first week of June. As soon as that batting shows up, the laundry and cleaning will be abandoned and I’ll be in full-on QUILTING MODE!!

  4. I’ve been away for three Tuesday’s, so hope to get caught up today. Along with your challenge and WW, which encourages weekly fitness points I’m on track. Week one is always the easiest… Love the challenge. Thanks.

  5. Thanks for the movement challenge! Instead of doing the 10 minutes of yard work planned I spent 30 minutes. This may actually get me really motivated to do my own yard work this summer if my back cooperates.

  6. I walked with my dog – she didn’t move off of the couch for many hours after our walk… Walking during my lunch break today. Plan to walk and track 10,000 steps today derailed by forgetting to put on the monitor!

    Update on a quilt I am working on – you were right (of course) – I bought and used topstitch needles and am much happier with the stitching!

  7. I love the pizza in the oven… as I have done that in the past… and was glad! ( I only burned a couple of slices, so less to eat!). Lori, THANK you for the always encouraging adventures. I have been working hard on trying to get it together, exercise and quilting go hand in hand for me. They are both of a mindset that keeps evolving! I was asked to hike today, so I will be hiking and climbing and sewing! Yay!

  8. I did a 30 minute workout yesterday and I’ve been logging my sitting to the today at work. I just spent 10 minutes of my hour in the office standing, stretching and marching in place. Shh! Don’t tell anyone but sometimes I practice my doodling then too. : ) Yeah! Now when I get home hopefully do another aerobic workout and squeeze in some sewing time.

  9. I walked yesterday and today….and have stopped to stretch periodically. I’ve also got to remember to relax and BREATHE!!! I just turned 63 last December…I desperately need to get back into shape….I have high blood pressure and have been thinking about yoga. I guess I need to find a yoga for beginners…(maybe yoga for older beginners…lol) dvd. Thanks for spurring us on, Lori. This was really a very thoughtful thing for you to do.

  10. My husband (69) and I (67) exercise daily. We own an elliptical, a cross country skier (over 20 years old with replacement parts), and a recumbent bike. I do 3 miles/30 minutes a day on either the elliptical or skier, AND/OR 8 miles in 30 minutes on the bike. We walk 4 miles each Saturday and Sunday. Neither of us is overweight, nor do we have any prescription meds, but we do take OTC supplements. I am noticing a loss in upper body strength as I age, so I need to add some free weight and step exercises to my routine. AARP Magazine just ran an excellent article on 8 exercises to do to keep fit as you age: After trying them this past week, I can say they definitely work some muscles that I have been neglecting.

  11. I begin each day with the hopes of reaching 10,000 steps on my Fitbit. After a nice walk with my sister and a good friend, I have covered more than 2 miles and have 5,300 steps, so I need to move a bit more towards my goal. Tomorrow am walking along a rails to trail and if all works out, will have my 10,000 steps. One day at a time!

  12. Well, I flipped rows 2 and 4 so I have abbreviated suns lying beneath the waves with stars on top. Good work for my imagination and I am having fun!

    Thanks for the inspiration to get my exercise routine going again. I have managed about 10,000 steps a day and got back to my yoga class last week and went for a nice bike ride today.

    I am working slowly on both classes and I love them. They are taking me to a higher level!

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