Quilt and Exercise Challenge One-Run for the Roses




Good Morning, Quilters and Fitness Buffs!

Let’s all start thinking of ourselves in new ways–as athletes or at least “Fitness Buffs“!

It’s time to #LoseThoseFatQuarters!!! (Thank you, Ness for one of our hashtags in #theinboxjaunts exercise challenge)

For the next four weeks we are going to work on adjusting our quilt/exercise balance.

There will be challenges and PRIZES!

The Schedule:

Every Monday- a new challenge

Every Friday-check in and compare notes on Open Line Friday

Mondays-“I met the challenge drawing”  for the previous week’s challenge.


This week, in honor of the upcoming Kentucky Derby (Read about the fascinating history and traditions of The Kentucky Derby HERE)-We will be Running (or walking or biking or…) for the Roses!

The winner of the this week’s challenge will receive The Roses Mini-Quilt shown here–a 12 inch square Vase Quilt.

It’s small, but really pretty!!

Roses, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy


Our fitness emphasis this week is twofold:

Part One-Be more aware of how much time you spend sitting

  • Think about the time you spend quilting, reading, at the computer, at work, watching TV and driving.
  • Look at the clock when you sit down.
  • How long are you in the car?
  • Do you quilt for more than 90 minutes at a time?  How many days a week?
  • How many TV shows do you watch in the evening?
  • How many minutes did you spend reading?
  • How many minutes reading blogs (other than The Inbox Jaunt–LOL!)

Consider keeping a journal of sedentary time this week.


Part Two-Move More

  • How much time do you spend moving?
  • Include active exercise as well as housecleaning, cooking, gardening…
  • Challenge yourself to move just a little more…
  • Add a morning or evening walk…Take a yoga class…Ride your bike…
  • If you are housebound, can you take laps around the kitchen table?



First, this is a Challenge not a Competition.

We are all going to encourage each other-we are not competing against one another!

The winner will be drawn by lottery…

To enter your name in the drawing:

  • Set a goal for yourself to be more aware and to move more (write it down today)
  • Complete your goal.
  • Tell us about it on Monday, May 9 by 10pm CST

For example, my goals for this week are:

  • I will walk 4 miles per day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  On Wednesday and one weekend day,  I will walk 2 miles.
  • I will keep a journal of how many minutes I spend sitting on Tuesday and Wednesday.



It is important to make goals that YOU can keep.

Keep the goals small and reasonable. 

Your goal can be to walk around the kitchen table five times per day or to lift soup cans…YOUR goal is YOUR goal…

But…it cannot be…to get your bike fixed…that’s a good thing to do…but the challenge is to MOVE MORE!

Also, YOU must start today!!  NO EXCUSES!!

Make a goal you can start TODAY!

Roses, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy


It is far better to make small goals that YOU WILL KEEP, than big goals that you might not keep!

Next Monday, anyone who has written goals and achieved their goals will be able to give us a “high five” and be entered in the lottery.

THIS WEEK-We still have a busy quilting week--that’s our reward–Nautical Sampler, Doodles, and much more!

Got to Run–

It’s a 4 mile day for me!

Lori LaLane

PS…All tutorials, images and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog, pin or share with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at lckennedy@hotmail.com.  Thanks!


97 thoughts on “Quilt and Exercise Challenge One-Run for the Roses

  1. Great challenge and a pretty prize. Today I went to the beach with my daughter so I got lots of walking in. My goal is to keep track of my sitting time and use a pedometer to track my steps. Today I got 4 1/2 miles in, woo hoo!

  2. I’m going to take advantage of my new job and exercise at the Curves for Women facility 4 days this week. I already exercise at the YMCA Tues and Thurs, but will add the additional time on Monday and Friday.

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  4. May the 2 was my 68th birthday. It was the first day of the rest of my healthy life. I spent the day looking for healthy recipes and ideas to make this new life possible. And low and behold look what I found today. While this is short term it will help me establish goals and good habits for the long term goal. That would be to weight 175 lbs. by next may, my current weight is124 lbs. I’m going to blog about this to help me be more accountable.
    1. This weeks goal is to learn to work the pedometer I located on my phone, and apply the “my fitness” app.
    2. stick to 3 meals a day 2 small snacks (diabetic)
    3. Treadmill Tues and Thursday and Sat. 10 min.

    I’m so happy to have found this, I’ll take all the help God wants to send my way.
    Praying for everyone to do well this week.

  5. My goal is to get 250 steps in each hour for at least 10 hours a day. My Fitbit will track. Mini goals to start.

  6. My goal is to go to Curves Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
    Wear my pedometer and aim for at least 7,000 steps a day on this initial week.

  7. Thanks so much for this challenge, Lori. I really like the suggestion to record sitting time. Will definitely do that. Was quilting most of the day yesterday. So got out and took a walk later in the afternoon with the dog. Felt great to do that!

  8. Just what I need….thank you. My goal is to start slowly…AGAIN….and walk 2 miles 5 days a week….and to stretch morning and night. Additionally I plan on stopping every 45 minutes I stand at the longarm to stretch and move. So far so good….one day down….4 more to go…..

  9. I got a Fitbit for my birthday, May 2, and my goal is to walk more steps each day than the day before. I am starting at 5,000.

  10. This is wonderful, just what I need! I sit too much–hand applique, hand quilting (but I’m going to practice machine quilting :),reading and browsing blogs. I’ll track my sitting time on Wed., Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Today I did the aarp exercises that one of your readers mentioned in the May 3rd comments; I’ll do those 3x a week. I’ll wear my fitbit every day and shoot for a modest 5000 steps on the days that I stay home and more steps on the days that I go out (grocery shopping, volunteer work, etc.). Now I’m going to look at your quilting lessons, then walk around the house, with “laps” around the dining table. My mother did that and more into her 90s (I’m only 66!).

  11. I will be getting a Fitbit for Mothers Day…so looking forward to the inspiration this will give me to move more and keep me accountable. My goal is to get on the treadmill at least 20 min three times a week (I spend a lot of time sitting in my job and traveling to work). Thank you Lori for the challenge!

  12. Keeping track of time sitting….what a great idea and I’m sure will be a real eye opener to me and maybe to some others as well. At a weight watchers meeting once they talked about sitting for too long. It was suggested to get up and move for 5 minutes if you have been sitting for an hour. I spent 6 hours painting my dining room today. I am exhausted and my back is killing me so I will be spending the rest of the evening in my recliner (but getting up every hour to keep the blood moving). My biggest problem isn’t lack of exercise but how much food I put in my mouth – especially sweets. I go to the gym 2-4 days a week and babysit my grandchildren 1-3 days a week so I am fairly active. I really want to be in the running for that sweet little vase mat so I will come up with a plan and stick to it!

  13. This is a great way to inspire ALL of us. Thank you! I wear a FitBit and I am proud of myself on the days I reach my goal of 10,000. Unfortunately, on sewing days I may only get 3000 steps. SAD- I don’t want to end up with diabetes like my parents and lead the sedentary life they do. Sewing and computer time will have to be limited! Does anyone have good luck with a combo of treadmill and computer at the same time?

    • I personally don’t recommend that kind of multi tasking. I think it’s best to do intervals of exercise and quiet activity–remaining focused on each.

  14. Logging sitting time will be [too] revealing, huh? I watch over my mom who will be 100 in June. She is still mobile, but slow and unsteady so cannot be left alone. The only time she’s out of my sight (or earshot) is when she’s fast asleep and I slip to another room to do a short task. So no walks outdoors are possible; nor exercise machines, as there is limited space in her house. So I plan to get back to doing the arm movements, stretch band, and some core strengthening work my PT gave me for starters. All the commenters show such enthusiasm and hopefulness. I will use the ensuing dialogue as encouragement.

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  16. #cutting-edge I love the encougement this challenge gives! My goal is to walk 3 times this week. And sew 1 hour each day. I am on track for sewing. Got to get up and walk.

  17. I love the quilt! First, I hate cardio. Always have unless it’s dancing. Anyways, I set the goal in motion of weight training. I love lifting weights. Nothing crazy but I like the results I get from lifting weights. At my age I have to go easy. Anyways, I play everyday with the dog outside. She’s a dachshund and has taught me how to play fetch. She chases the ball and then barks for me to come, get it and throw it again. I do find that sitting for long periods causes my joints to stiffen since I have the beginnings of arthritis.
    Anyways, great challenge and I hope I can keep it up.

  18. My goal is to average 8000+ steps per day. Last week I really fell behind and only averaged 4800 per day. So far off to a good start with 6000 on Monday and 12,000 on Tues. Cloudy and chilly today. Will have to force myself to get my walk in!

  19. I hope it’s ok to start today! I really started yesterday, with a 30 minute walk and some stretching. Now that I’m aware of the challenge, I will start keeping track of sedentary time and moving more!

  20. I started Monday with my dancing, 30 min. 22,0f those I do 1 min high intensity and 1 slower. I already feel better. I will do 6 days a week. Thank you for your help. I love to learn from you. Thank you for sharing your talents.

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  22. because I am trying to meet a deadline on a quilt, due the 21st, I didn’t see this until Wednesday night. My goal is to walk 40 minutes a day, M-F. I met that challenge so far. I used my 40 minutes today on the treadmill and watched your class, and got a great idea for completing my borders. Yay!

  23. I met both my challenge goals!! Thanks, Lori, for making us stretch our horizons – and our bods!!

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  25. High Five!
    I kept a journal of my sit time and was embarrassed ?. It did spur me onto walk 7 days, not the 5 I goaled. My goal this week is to walk faster on my evening jaunts , same distance quicker by 10 minutes .

    My bonus this week was I lost 3 pounds. I really didn’t think that would happen ?

  26. Love your rose patterns (well actually all your stuff…). Amazing your quilting of motiffs is close to perfection on a home machine. Amazing! Beautiful work!

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